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Emilia Clarke trades in dragons for a gun in the first set photos revealed from the filming of the new “Terminator” reboot, which also feature our first look at her co-stars Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke as well. The Daily Mail got the first snaps of the trio filming a rather revealing scene alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising his role as the original T-8000 machine. Emilia, as the new Sarah Connor, is seen wearing hospital scrubs and pointing a gun at Jason, clearly not recognizing him as her future son, John.Read More
Chloe Moretz is out and Abigail Breslin is in for apocalyptic zombie thriller “Maggie”, according to THR. The Oscar nominee turned scream queen will play daughter to Arnold Schwarzenegger (taking over for Paddy Consindine) in Henry Hobson’s feature directorial debut. Previously vaguely reported as being about “a father’s unconditional love for his daughter” in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, we now know what exactly that unconditional love entails: Breslin’s titular Maggie begins turning into a zombie herself after being infected by the virus, with the film following her six-weekRead More
While “The Killing” remains in limbo waiting to see if someone other than AMC will pick it up for a third season, star Mireille Enos continues to build her film resume. She has joined the cast of David Ayer’s “Ten”, according to Deadline. Enos rounds out a cast that is led by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington, as well as Terrence Howard, Malin Akerman, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Dawn Olivieri and Max Martini. The film also has the working title of “Breacher” while it’s unclear at this point which titleRead More
Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis… and Hemsworth? Behold the power of “The Hunger Games”! Despite being the very green newcomer to “The Expendables 2”, the sequel that features all the legendary action heroes you can think of, Lionsgate has given their new rising star Liam Hemsworth his very own poster for the expected summer blockbuster release. Hemsworth, as Bill “The Kid” Timmons, looks like a cross between Captain America and G.I. Joe on his poster, all uniformed up and toting pretty heavy machinery. The new team is being dubbed the “#DirtyDozen”, withRead More
Jamie Alexander is the latest actor boarding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback vehicle, “The Last Stand”, reports Variety. “Friday Night Lights” star Zach Gilford joined the cast yesterday and “Lost” star Rodrigo Santoro is on board as well. Gilford, Alexander and Santoro all play cops who work under Schwarzenegger’s sheriff in a small town on the US-Mexican border. The ragtag team becomes the last line of defense when a Mexican drug cartel kingpin jailed in the US escapes and makes a run for home. Alexander’s Sarah Torrance will also have a romanticRead More
Zach Gilford has landed the second lead opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in actioner “The Last Stand”, reports Deadline. He will play a small town cop who works under Schwarzenegger’s Sheriff character, and together they are the last line of defense between the Mexican border and an escaped Mexican drug kingpin in the US, making a run for home. The Kim Jee-woon directed film marks a comeback for the former Governator who took about 7 years off from acting to run the state of California. With a personal life marred by scandalRead More
Colin Farrell may be following in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action-packed footsteps as he considers taking on the upcoming remake of Total Recall. TheWrap reports that Farrell is in negotiations with Columbia Pictures now. The script, penned by Salt’s Kurt Wimmer, is expected to be a closer adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale than 1990’s widely known Total Recall. Len Wiseman of Live Free or Die Hard will helm the project. Farrell, who won his first Golden Globe in 2009 for his captivating performanceRead More