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You may want to rethink the next time you advise someone to take a risk after watching the trailer to “Nerve,” which was released today. The YA adaptation is going to take Emma Roberts and Dave Franco on a wild ride. Based on Jeanne Ryan’s 2012 novel, the film centers on the extremely cautious Vee (Roberts). Her friends suggest Vee do something exciting, so she starts playing interactive game Nerve. “Watchers” challenge “players” to complete dares on camera to win money. Vee’s first dare is to kiss a stranger andRead More
Analeigh Tipton
Deadline reports that Analeigh Tipton, 25, has landed a role in “Viral,” a Blumhouse horror film by “Catfish” directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The Christopher Landon-scripted “Viral,” which was previously titled “Peste,” was originally written by Barbara Marshall and had Abigail Breslin attached to star. It follows a teenage girl named Stacey who begins a video documentary about her life for a school project when an infectious virus, which causes those infected to grow alien-like tentacles and have a craving for humans, suddenly invades her small town. Quarantined atRead More