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Up-and-coming actor Jonny Weston could be about to get his big break. It’s been announced via Variety that he is set to join “Taken 3,” alongside Liam Neeson, Forest Whittaker and Famke Janssen. Although plot details are yet unknown, we know that he is set to play Maggie Grace‘s boyfriend. As we know, Maggie Grace’s character, Kim, was taken in the first “Taken.” Say she was taken in this installment, could Neeson’s Bryan Mills be joined by Weston’s character in the pursuit to get her back? Just a thought. ItRead More
The last time a bunch of relatively unknown young actors were put into a low budget, found footage style sci-fi thriller, it turned out to be “Chronicle” and the stars of it turned out to have the careers of Michael B. Jordan and Dane DeHaan (and Alex Russell, but, well….) so it’s not a surprise new filmmakers are hoping to capture lightning in a bottle once again. This one used to be called “Almanac” but is now called “Welcome to Yesterday” and gotta say, so far it looks like it’sRead More
Relative unknown young actors Jonny Weston and Sophia Black-D’Elia have been chosen by Michael Bay for his low budget found footage time travel thriller “Almanac” (not to be confused with the other found footage time travel thriller also in the works), according to THR. Bay is producing the film written by first-timers Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan and to be directed by Dean Israelite. While that other time travel film “Glimmer” is about an existing time portal sucking teenagers into the past, it appears the teens in Bay’s film willRead More