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Posted On September 2, 2014By Alamin YohannesIn Casting

Alden Ehrenreich in Talks for ‘Hail Caesar!’ Role

Variety reports that Alden Ehrenreich is in talks to join Joel and Ethan Coen‘s forthcoming “Hail Caesar!” The dramedy focuses on a fixer working in Hollywood during the 1950s, who works to make sure the stars in his charge do not act recklessly. Many talented actors and actresses are seeking roles in the film, which is the norm for Coen Brothers films in the past. “Hail Ceasar!” has already drawn in George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin as well as the “Jump Street” duo Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Ehrenreich,Read More
Warren Beatty’s untitled Howard Hughges biopic has added Haley Bennett, according to the actress herself via an interview with Examiner at SXSW today. The long-gestating project had originally been set to star Felicity Jones but recently began filming with Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich in the lead roles. Beatty is also set to star in the film as Hughes, but the main plot will follow the love story between Hughes’ assistant, played by Ehrenreich, and his love interest, played by Collins. An earlier iteration of this film had the youngRead More
Warren Beatty’s long-gestating untitled biopic on Howard Hughes is moving forward again, but has had a significant makeover. Felicity Jones is out, and Lily Collins is in, according to Deadline, for the female lead role, while Alden Ehrenreich has landed the young male lead. The previous incarnation with Beatty as Hughes had Jones playing a young woman who develops a relationship with the young man who serves as Hughes’ chauffeur, before falling for Hughes himself instead. There were rumors that the plot has changed somewhat, but the Deadline report stillRead More
The footage and imagery that emerges from Park Chan-wook’s English language debut “Stoker” continues to be mind-blowingly beautiful and the new poster, unveiled today by Empire, is no exception. Mia Wasikowska, as troubled and abused teenager India, gets the close-up this time around, with the ever-ominous phrase “Innocence Ends” seemingly tattooed across her forhead. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, also wonderful is the way this new poster links thematically and visually with the last poster released, which in turn was linked to the promo reel/music video, which built upon theRead More
In a week filled with trailers released for just about every single Young Adult novel adaptation in the works, we wrap things up with a new trailer for “Beautiful Creatures”, the Richard LaGravenese directed adaptation of the hit teen paranormal romance series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Expanding upon the first teaser trailer, there’s tons of new footage contained here, with tons of more exposition on the mythology behind the series. “We prefer the term Caster,” Alice Englert’s outsider new girl Lena tells Alden Ehrenreich’s Ethan when he accusesRead More
Now that Andrew Garfield has found his alter ego Peter Parker an MJ in Shailene Woodley and a villainous foe in Jamie Foxx as Electro, director Marc Webb and Sony are looking to cast Peter his best friend/nemesis, Harry Osborn. THR reports that at the moment, the actors being bandied about include Dane DeHaan, Brady Corbet and Alden Ehrenreich. At the moment, filmmakers are said to be looking for a “dark and edgy” Harry, changed from an earlier “bigger, athletic” description, making the trio shortlisted above great fits all, thoughRead More
Entertainment Tonight has aired the first footage from Korean director Park Chan-Wook’s English language debut, creepy family drama “Stoker”, and it looks beautifully atmospheric and spooky. Mia Wasikowska goes Wednesday Addams with black hair and pale skin to play the teenage girl whose father has just passed away. Nicole Kidman plays her “mother from hell”, and things are further complicated with the arrival of Matthew Goode as Uncle Charlie. Wasikowska mostly plays it straight, while the two adults attempt to out-creepy each other with deranged stares and giant smiles. LucasRead More
It’s “Twilight” with Southern accents and a little gender reversal in the first teaser trailer for “Beautiful Creatures”, the Richard LaGravenese directed adaptation of the hit teen paranormal romance series. Alice Englert plays the pale and mysterious loner who appears to have dangerous magical powers this time around, while Alden Ehrenreich is the popular guy who can’t help but be drawn to her. Together they are Ethan and Lena, the star-crossed couple at the center of the four part book series hoping to strike a cord with movie audiences theRead More
Slowly but surely we are beginning to see a fuller picture emerge for witchy teen romance adaptation “Beautiful Creatures.” We’ve seen Ethan and Lena (Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert) frolicking about and a dark and dramatic vision of bad girl Ridley (Emmy Rossum), and now, Ridley having a bit of fun with Thomas Mann’s character Link. Along with the new photo, Rossum tweeted, “Another side of Ridley! Here I teach Thomas Mann’s character a bit of magic.” As fans of “Beautiful Creatures” know, this picture is much more in tuneRead More
You’ve met Ethan and Lena, now “Beautiful Creatures” fans prepare to meet Ridley! EW has the first official image of Emmy Rossum as Lena’s older cousin and fellow sorceress who chose the Dark side over the good and is hellbent on Lena following in her footsteps. Newcomers Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert play the star-crossed lovers at the heart of the paranormal romance series – he’s a human, she’s a “caster”, or witch – which recently wrapped up filming under the direction of Richard LaGravenese. On Rossum’s Ridley, LaGravenese says,Read More