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Posted On January 18, 2013By Linda GeIn Features

Up and Comers Presents: 20 Faces to Watch in 2013

After a somewhat unpredictable year in which the stars we expected to break out largely didn’t but fresh faces came out of nowhere to surprise us all, we are ready to look ahead to the new talent waiting to be discovered in 2013. It’s looking like a strong year with plenty of hopeful action stars ready to debut to the world for the first time and some who have been quietly working hard finally seeing their films released. As always, there’s a mix of names you’ve never heard of withRead More
Adam Driver, the breakout star of HBO series “Girls”, has landed the male lead opposite Mia Wasikowska in Australian set desert drama “Tracks”, according to Deadline. Wasikowska will play real life writer Robyn Davidson, whose book “Tracks” is the basis of the film. In 1977, Davidson trekked over 1500 miles through the desert to the centre of Australia by herself, with only four camels and her dog for company. With no intention of chronicling the journey, she was approached by National Geographic to write an article about it. Driver willRead More