Luke Mitchell has finally landed on a new series following the end of The CW’s “The Tomorrow People.” The young actor has joined ABC and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Mitchell will play an Inhuman named Lincoln. The charismatic young man will help Skye (Chloe Bennet) learn more about her heritage. This is one very important casting addition because of where the series left off in its winter finale. Viewers learned that Skye is really an Inhuman, more importantly the live action counterpart of comic book characterRead More
We start this week’s episode of “Scandal” with the awful Elizabeth (Portia De Rossi) dropping off her child at school, where she is cornered by a Gun Lobbyist named Dale, who is in on her plans for the Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) administration. He cites her failure to keep David Rosen (Joshua Malina) from being Attorney General as the reason for his concern. The next move is stopping David and Fitz from passing new gun control legislation through the Supreme Court. Cyrus'(Jeff Perry) morning includes going to breakfast where he bumps ino hisRead More
We open this week’s episode of “Scandal” with Jake (Scott Foley) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) on a jog discussing life and their relationship after the Island, which ends abruptly because Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is waiting for Olivia to ask her for help. He wants her to track down important guests for the upcoming State of the Union Address. Olivia insists she does not work for the White House anymore, but her old friend is having none of that. Cyrus had money put in her account from the White House, andRead More
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There’s a new wife in town! Yvonne Strahovski is the latest “wife” to  join ABC’s “Astronaut Wives Club,” reports TVLine. Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz are adapting Lily Koppel’s bestselling novel to the small screen. The drama will center on the spouses of American astronauts during the 1960s, specifically those on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Strahovski will play Rene Carpenter, the wife of one of the Mercury astronauts. Rene’s modern views on issues such as civil rights will put her at odds with the other wives, played by actresses includingRead More
Peggy Carter will reunite with Howard Stark on her new show “Agent Carter,” as Marvel has just announced that Dominic Cooper will return to reprise his role as the father of Tony Stark in ABC’s upcoming midseason comic book adaptation drama. Hayley Atwell is headlining the series as Peggy, who in 1946 was still reeling from the “death” of her boyfriend Steve Rogers while trying to maintain a professional life in the world-dominated of spying for the British government. The cast is rounded out by Chad Michael Murray as SSRRead More

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TV: First Look at Hayley Atwell on ‘Agents of SHIELD’

Take a look at Peggy Carter in action! TV Guide has released the first image of Hayley Atwell in character from the season 2 premiere of ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD.” In the picture we see Atwell holding a gun with other agents in what is clearly a flashback scene. Peggy Carter is known in the comics for her role in the development of the organization we know as SHIELD.  Back then, in the 1940s, it was called Strategic Scientific Reserve. The flashback makes sense when considering the season one finale of “AgentsRead More
ABC has finally began casting on its newest Marvel series, and today has announced that Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray are the first to join Hayley Atwell in reprising her role for “Agent Carter.” The series is based on Marvel’s “Agent Carter: One Shot” short film, and will follow Atwell’s British intelligence officer in the 1940s as she comes to terms with the disappearance of her love, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), and becoming one of the first SHIELD agents. Gjokaj will play Agent Daniel Sousa, a true war heroRead More
ABC’s “Agents of Shield” is adding another Marvel character from the comes, and they’ve cast a familiar face to play her. THR reports “Friday Night Lights” alum Adrianne Palicki is joining the season 2 cast as Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird. The appearance of the super-spy from the comics was first teased by Patton Oswalt – who plays Billy Koenig and Sam Koenig – at the show’s Comic Con panel last month. Palicki will first appear as Mockingbird in the season’s 5th episode, with the door open to return for more.Read More
“Frozen” has officially arrived in Storybrooke. Time has released the first official image from season 4 of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” featuring our first look at Georgina Haig as the real life version of Ice Queen Elsa of Arendelle. And that looks like Scott Michael Foster, playing the real life Kristoff the Ice Merchant in front of her. The two are dressed exactly as they were the last time we glimpsed them in Disney’s animated juggernaut of a film, so it’s pretty trippy to see them as real people.Read More
We now have an official real-life Princess Elsa from “Frozen,” and she looks very, very similar to her animated counterpart. Just Jared have the first photos of actress Georgina Haig in full Elsa garb on the set of “Once Upon a Time.” Haig was cast earlier this month to play the role after a “Frozen” crossover was teased in the “Once” season 3 finale. Joining Elsa in Storybrooke in season 4 will be her sister Anna (to be played by Elizabeth Lail) and ice merchant Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster). TheRead More