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Rooney Mara Trash
The first Brazilian trailer has debuted for Stephen Daldry‘s “Trash,” a Richard Curtis-scripted adaptation of the 2011 novel by Andy Mulligan. “Trash” follows three boys — played by newcomers Rickson Tevez as Raphael, Eduardo Luis as Gardo and Gabriel Weinstein as Rato — who make a living by picking through garbage in an unnamed Third World country. One day, Raphael finds a leather bag, the contents of which are so important that the city police offer a reward for its return. Instead, the boys decide to keep their new discovery,Read More
Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy
Two clips from “Guardians of the Galaxy” have debuted, giving us a taste of the characters behind this gang of misfits who are tasked to carry the weight of countless worlds on their shoulders. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” — who first appeared in “MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18″ back in January 1969 — are led by Chris Pratt as Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord), an adventurer who finds himself the subject of a bounty hunt after he steals a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), a mighty villain withRead More
Benedict Cumberbatch Imitation Game Trailer
The first trailer has debuted for Morten Tyldum‘s “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, and Matthew Goode. Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, a British mathematician who rose to fame by helping the Allies defeat the Germans in WWII by cracking their “Enigma Code”, only to be prosecuted a decade later by the government for the sole reason of being a homosexual. Rather than accept a prison sentence, Turing chose the alternative: a chemical castration. He was so demoralized by the experience that it led him to commitRead More
Dane DeHaan Life After Beth 2
Dane DeHaan goes absolutely ballistic in the new clip from “Life After Beth.” But you would too if you just found out that your supposedly dead lover is actually alive — well, kinda! “I Heart Huckabees” co-writer Jeff Baena marks his feature directorial debut with this unconventional rom-com that centers around a young man, Zach Orfman (DeHaan), who discovers that his dead girlfriend, Beth Slocum (Plaza), is not dead after all, prompting him to live every moment he nearly lost with her. But, as evident in the trailer, Beth’s returnRead More
Emily Browning God Help The Girl
The first teaser trailer has debuted for “God Help The Girl” starring Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray. Written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of Belle and Sebastian, the Glasgow-set “God Help The Girl” is a musical/coming-of-age story about three friends — played by Browning (“Sleeping Beauty”), Alexander (“The Riot Club”) and Murray (“Skins”) — who form a indie-pop band. Originally released in 2009 by Murdoch as an album of the same title, “God Help The Girl” was produced thanks to the success of a Kickstarter campaignRead More
Antoine-Olivier Pilon Xavier Dolan Mommy
The first trailer for Xavier Dolan‘s “Mommy” starring Anne Dorval and Antoine-Olivier Pilon has debuted. The Jury Prize winner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Dolan’s fifth full-length feature film follows Diane Després (Anne Dorval), a working-class Montreal single mother (Anne Dorval) raising her teenage ADHD son (Pilon), who finds new hope when their schoolteacher neighbor (Suzanne Clement) inserts herself into their lives to provide support. In an interview with Cineplex, the 25-year-old Québécois filmmaker revealed: “I wanted to do a movie on the American Dream and the way thatRead More
Cameron Monaghan Jamie Marks Is Dead
If horror has taught us anything, it’s that you should proceed with caution when interacting with the spirits of the dead. However, that doesn’t seem to be of Cameron Monaghan‘s concern, as evident by the first trailer for Carter Smith‘s “Jamie Marks Is Dead.” Based on the novel “One for Sorrow” by Christopher Barzak, the film centers on the events that follow after the corpse of Jamie Marks (played by round spectacle-wearing Noah Silver, who may I say looks distractingly like “Order of the Phoenix” era Daniel Radcliffe), a highRead More
Olivia Cooke Ouija 2
Following “The Signal” and “The Quiet Ones”, British up and comer Olivia Cooke rounds out her big screen efforts this year with Stiles White‘s horror film “Ouija.” The Blumhouse film’s trailer debuted today, and it’s yet another reminder of why nobody should be touching a Ouija board game nor trying to contact the dead in the first place. Cooke stars as Elaine Morris, a teenager who leads a group — played by Douglas Smith, Ana Coto, Bianca A. Santos, and Daren Kagasoff — in a Ouija game as an attemptRead More
Maisie Williams Gold

Posted On July 16, 2014By Alfonso EspinaIn Videos

Watch: Maisie Williams in First ‘Gold’ Trailer

Maisie Williams faces her estranged father in the first trailer for Niall Heery‘s “Gold.” Written by Niall and Brandon Heery, “Gold” follows a man (David Wilmot) who, at the request of his ailing father, returns home to Dublin in an attempt to reconnect with the ex-partner (Kerry Condon) and teenage daughter (Williams) that he left behind twelve years ago. The film marks the second feature effort for Williams, who has previously starred alongside Stephen Dorff in Evelyn Purcell’s thriller “Heatstroke.” The “Game of Thrones” star, who made it to ScreenRead More
A24 has unveiled the first trailer for Lynn Shelton‘s “Laggies” starring Keira Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz and Sam Rockwell. The film, which made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival back in January, follows Megan (Knightley), a 28-year-old woman who has troubles adjusting to life as an adult. When her boyfriend, Anthony (Mark Webber), proposes to her, she gets cold feet and hides out at the home of her 16-year-old friend, Annika (Moretz). As seen in the trailer, what appears to be a foolish decision may actually turn out toRead More