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Brad Pitt leads a wearied band of soldiers in the first footage released today for David Ayer’s WWII tank action-thriller “Fury,” unveiled at a video game convention, because why not. Pitt, as company leader “Wardaddy,” is joined by Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena in the tank at the center of the story, set towards the end of WWII. The five guys spent the 3-month shoot in a confined space to play a five-man crew of a tank caught behind enemy lines in 1945 as the GermanRead More
White Bird in a Blizzard Shailene Woodley 2
Shailene Woodley and Shiloh Fernandez take part a montage of PDA-filled moments in the first released clip from Gregg Araki‘s ’80s set coming-of-age drama “White Bird in a Blizzard” Based on the 1999 novel by Laura Kasischke, “White Bird in a Blizzard” follows a college-bound suburban Ohio girl named Kat Connor (Woodley) after her mother, Eve (Eva Green), suddenly abandons their family. Kat is initially unaffected by her mother’s absence and continues her life with her father (Christopher Meloni). But when she starts getting haunted by nightmares about her mother’sRead More
Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw struggles to form a connection with Pei-pei Cheng in spite of language barriers as seen in the first trailer for Hong Khaou‘s feature debut “Lilting.” Set in London, “Lilting” stars Ben Whishaw as Richard, a man who attempts to connect with Junn (Cheng), the Chinese-Cambodian mother of the recently deceased Kai (Andrew Leung), his boyfriend of over four years. Despite language barriers and Junn’s obliviousness to her late son’s sexuality, Richard is persistent on reaching out to a woman who can understand his love and grief. In anRead More
Director David Michod and stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson take us behind the scenes of their new film “The Rover” in a new featurette released for the futuristic thriller. Pearce plays a man who’s “murderously angry” about the desolate world that’s around him, and even more so when a bunch of thieves steal his car – along with some very precious cargo. When the gang leave their wounded comrade (Pattinson) behind, the two men team up to track them down, shooting some people and trying to survive being shotRead More
The life or death choice Chloe Moretz must make in new YA adaptation “If I Stay” is at the center of the newest trailer released for RJ Cutler’s romantic drama. Moretz’s Mia is left stranded somewhere between living and dying after a catastrophic car accident. As she has an out of body experience while her real body lies in limbo in a hospital, her friends (boyfriend Jamie Blackley, best friend Liana Liberato) and family visit her and she realizes she alone gets to decide whether she lives or dies. WillRead More
Sam Claflin Love Rosie
Sam Claflin and Lily Collins continue to be in denial of their romantic coupling potential in the third released teaser trailer for Christian Ditter‘s romantic comedy “Love, Rosie.” Based on Cecelia Ahern’s 2005 best seller “Where Rainbows End,” English-born, American-raised Collins debuts her first British role as Rosie, a girl whose unexpected pregnancy forces her to be separated from Alex (Claflin), her longtime best friend who is headed off to Boston for university. As evident in all of the released trailers so far, Rosie and Alex find themselves repeatedly facingRead More
Miles Teller Two Night Stand
Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton have a rather funny debate about the concept of sex in the first released clip from Max Nichols‘ indie romantic comedy “Two Night Stand.” Alex (Teller) and Megan (Tipton) are two strangers whose one night stand ends up being extended for a much longer period than they had planned for when they first found each other online. The unwilling couple wake up to find a blizzard has taken over Manhattan, which traps them both inside the same apartment and forces them to interact with eachRead More
Another beautiful and in love young couple is probably about to meet heartbreak in the first trailer released for the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation, “The Best of Me.” Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey fall in love as teenagers, but are of course separated, though their story picks up again 20 years later as Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden meet again as adults. There’s actually no tragedy foretold in this first teaser trailer, just lots of frolicking and declarations of love and sexytimes between both couples, young and old, but comeRead More
Brenton Thwaites The Signal
Brenton Thwaites finds himself being interrogated by Laurence Fishburne in a new clip released from William Eubank‘s sci-fi thriller “The Signal.” The film, which debuted earlier this year at Sundance, follows two hacking enthusiasts/MIT students Nick (Thwaites) and Jonah (Beau Knapp) as they travel from Cambridge to Caltech to drop off Nick’s girlfriend Haley (Olivia Cooke). However, when they get a lead on their rival hacker Nomad’s location, they decide to change their plans and track the person down — which clearly ends up being the wrong decision. As seenRead More
Yet another new trailer for “The Giver” has been released, and it just may be the best one yet. There’s tons of new footage from the film here, including our first real look at Cameron Monaghan, who plays Brenton Thwaites’ Jonas’ best friend Asher. The story is also explained really for the first time, with how Lois Lowry’s seemingly perfect society came to be, under the guidance of Meryl Streep’s town Elder, and how Jeff Bridges, as the Giver, opens Jonas’ eyes to humanity’s true history. There’s still some questionableRead More