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Amy Adams Big Eyes
Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz get into a legal battle over artistic ownership in the first trailer for Tim Burton‘s “Big Eyes.” Described as a “passion project” that was a decade in the making, “Big Eyes” reunites Burton with “Ed Wood” screenwriting duo Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski to tell the story of famed painter Margaret Keane (Adams), who found success in the ’50s and ’60s for her paintings of waifs with massive and expressive eyes. Margaret’s road to success, however, did not come easy. As you can see inRead More
Fans can now see the first glimpses of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in writer-director J.C. Chandor‘s crime thriller “A Most Violent Year.” Set in New York City during the year 1981, “A Most Violent Year” centers on Abel (Isaac) and Anna (Chastain) Morales, an immigrant family trying to make a life for themselves and achieve the America Dream. However, the spike in violence and an investigation into Abel’s dealings may ruin everything they are trying to build. Also starring David Oyelowo and Elyes Gabel, “A Most Violent Year” opens inRead More
Elle Fanning Low Down
Elle Fanning plays a girl who remains supportive of her father in spite of a chaotic upbringing, as seen in the first trailer for Jeff Preiss‘ 1970s-set “Low Down.” Based on the 2003 memoir by Amy-Jo Albany (who also co-wrote the script alongside Topper Lilien), “Low Down” depicts the story of legendary jazz pianist Joe Albany (Hawkes) from the perspective of the troubled adolescent life of his aforementioned teenage daughter (Fanning), who had to grow up in a household with a heroin-addicted father and alcoholic mother (Lena Headey). The filmRead More
Shailene Woodley White Bird Clip
A new clip from Gregg Araki‘s “White Bird in a Blizzard” has debuted, giving us an insight into the mother-daughter duo played by stars Eva Green and Shailene Woodley. Based on the 1999 novel by Laura Kasischke, “White Bird in a Blizzard” stars Woodley as a college-bound suburban California (as opposed to Ohio in the book) girl named Kat Connor, whose mother, Eve (Eva Green), suddenly abandons their family. Initially unaffected, Kat is soon led to believe that something evil may have caused her disappearance. Eve and Kat’s relationship isn’tRead More
Dakota Fanning Effie Gray
Dakota Fanning is trapped in a loveless marriage in the first trailer for Richard Laxton‘s Victorian drama “Effie Gray.” Written by Emma Thompson (who also co-stars in the film), “Effie Gray” tells the true story of the infamous marriage between a 29-year-old John Ruskin (Greg Wise) and the 19-year-old Euphemia ‘Effie’ Gray (Fanning). Set during a time when divorce was illegal, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the marriage was unable to avoid inevitable scandal when the latter filed an annulment under the grounds of “incurable impotency” in order toRead More
Chris Evans Playing It Cool
Chris Evans explores the incessant rom-com theme of whether heterosexual males and females can ever be just friends in the first trailer for Justin Reardon‘s “Playing It Cool.” Originally titled the less clichéd “A Many Splintered Thing,” the Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair-scripted rom-com stars Evans, fresh from receiving U.S. distribution for his directorial debut “Before We Go,” as an aspiring action movie screenwriter who is forced by his agent, Bryan (played by Evans’ “Captain American: The Winter Soldier” co-star Anthony Mackie) to pay his dues with a rom-com inRead More
It’s all out war in the first full trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” which sees Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss Everdeen go from reluctant symbol of the revolution to reluctant leader. The third installment will take the riled up oppressed citizens of Panem into battle under the leadership of Katniss, who herself is being manipulated by more powerful forces who need her to inspire the troops. Gale (Liam Hemsworth) is all too eager to fight, while Katniss is more concerned with saving Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), who’s been capturedRead More
At long last, a first full trailer for Susanne Bier’s long, long awaited “Serena” has arrived, giving us a first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s third on-screen collaboration together – which they filmed all the way back in 2012. It’s set in 1920s North Carolina, and they play newlyweds and ambitious lumber tycoons, whose marital woes soon turn deadly when she realizes he fathered a child before he met her and she can’t have any of her own. Based on the novel by Ron Rash, “Serena” always seemedRead More
Hailee Steinfeld Homesman 2
Hailee Steinfeld shares the screen with a prolific cast of actors in Tommy Lee Jones‘ “The Homesman,” a new trailer for which has debuted today. The film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, tells the story of a woman named Mary Bee Cuddy (played by Hilary Swank), who is described by Lee Jones’ George Briggs as being “as fine a woman who’s ever walked.” The trailer opens with Briggs recounting to Steinfeld’s Tabitha Hutchinson about his quest with Cuddy, whom he offered to help after sheRead More
Brenton Thwaites Son of a Gun
Brenton Thwaites learns about the deadly consequences of making a deal with an inmate in the first trailer for the Julius Avery-directed Australian heist thriller “Son of a Gun.” The film, which marks the feature directorial debut for the award-winning writer/director of “Jerrycan,” follows JR (Thwaites), a 19-year-old who is locked up for a minor crime and finds himself the subject of interest by the nation’s most notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor), who offers the young man his alliance and guidance as a reward for helping to break himRead More