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Ron Moore first became successful as a writer for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” before creating one of Syfy’s highest-rated series, “Battlestar Galactica,” and now he’s returning to the same network that made him famous as an Executive Producer for “Helix.” Following a team from the Centers for Disease Control investigating a potential outbreak, the new thriller does for the biopunk subgenre what their last collaboration did for space opera almost ten years ago, elevating it to a higher level using human drama set againstRead More
“Battlestar Galactica” alum Tricia Helfer is certainly worthy of headlining her own TV show, and one about a tough Texas Ranger taking down hardened criminals seems like it should be right up her action-hero-ready alley, but ABC’s new midseason drama “Killer Women” wastes its potential and Helfer’s instead. A visually striking opening scene of an assassin clad in a red dress and red heels gunning down the bride in front of a large church wedding raises expectations, then the rest of the series premiere promptly dashes them all by throwingRead More
Community - Season 5
It’s fitting on many levels that the premiere episode of season 5 of NBC’s cult favorite sitcom “Community” is called “Repilot.” Original showrunner Dan Harmon, famously ousted at the end of season 3, is back. So, too, are the characters, a few of whom we saw graduate at the end of season 4. Season 5, based on three episodes early in the season, very much feels like a rebirth and a fresh start for the series that visibly struggled without its creator for a whole season. Now, Jeff (Joe McHale),Read More
Everyone knows this story, so the newest “Bonnie and Clyde” doesn’t try to win the audience over with any new twists on the legendary tale that’s inspired dozens of fictional and non-fictional works, but being a miniseries rather than a straight feature, director Bruce Beresford is able to delve deeper than his predecessors. The result is a solid retelling of the star-crossed outlaw lovers which glorifies to an extent but does not glamorize the heinous acts the two commit. Beresford is helped along in his storytelling by inspired casting choicesRead More
Mob City
In July 2011, “The Walking Dead” creator Frank Darabont was unceremoniously let go from his position as showrunner on the series he’d spent five years working to create, but people didn’t have to wait too long for the three-time Oscar nominee to announce his next project, “Mob City.” The miniseries, which airs over the next three weeks and reunites Darabont with “The Walking Dead” actor John Bernthal in the lead, takes on the now-legendary battle waged between the L.A.P.D. and gangsters in 1940s Los Angeles. Yet for Darabont and TNT, the noir drama more importantly represents a chanceRead More
Based on the novels by Sara Shepard, ABC Family’s hit drama “Pretty Little Liars” has grown into quite a phenomenon since its premiere in 2010, quickly becoming TV’s most talked about series on social media and most watched program by females aged 12 to 34. Its fans can’t seem to get enough of the show’s many characters and mysteries, so it’s no wonder the network has decided to create a spinoff, “Ravenswood.” Yet even with PLL star Tyler Blackburn crossing over from Rosewood, PA to this new town, catching lightningRead More
“12 Years a Slave” star Chiwetel Ejiofor takes on more history and race relations in Starz miniseries “Dancing on the Edge,” this time tackling black jazz musicians in 1930s Britain. It’s a beautifully shot but not altogether cinematic, deliberately paced take that is as glossy as “12 Years” is gritty. Unfortunately, it’s to the series’ disadvantage, with the premiere episode afraid to scratch much deeper to the hinted-at underbelly of its stylish surface. Ejiofor leads a large ensemble cast as Louis Lester, a fictional jazz band leader loosely based onRead More
Everyone knows the tale of Alice and her magical trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, where she has endless adventures and meets the White Rabbit, Blue Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and Red Queen. But in “Once Upon a Time” style, i.e. putting a new spin on an old fairytale, that’s where the similarities end for spinoff series, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” Instead, ABC’s take on Lewis Carroll’s classic combines the fun and wonder of the original novel with the mystery and twists of the original series, allRead More
It’s been a long time since there’s been a good show about witches on TV, but unfortunately, Lifetime’s latest drama “Witches of East End” is not exactly as spell-bounding as one may have hoped. It has an all star cast led by Julia Ormond, as well as Mädchen Amick (“Twin Peaks”, “Mad Men”), Jenna Dewan Tatum (“Step Up”, “American Horror Story: Asylum”), and Rachel Boston (“The Pill”); but even with this cast, it’s far from certain these witches will be able to lure the audience Lifetime hopes to receive. TheRead More