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After giving us crazy in the absolute best way with “Flowers in the Attic,” Lifetime managed to get even wilder with its sequel, with the results being a mixed, but still extremely entertaining, bag. For fans of the VC Andrews’ series, the new adaptation of “Petals on the Wind” is fairly true to the book, but for those who go in blind (like this reviewer), it’s even better. The story picks up 10 years after the events in the attic, where Cathy (now played by Rose McIver), Chris (Wyatt Nash)Read More
While we may be used to seeing horror in television (“American Horror Story,” “The Walking Dead,” “Supernatural”), we ain’t seen nothing like “Penny Dreadful” yet. Showtime’s new Victorian “psychological thriller” (this according to Showtime. I disagree; it should be Gothic horror) is set in 19th century London – time of the Jack the Ripper killings. The hour-long premiere is gory as all get-out, and bizarre in the most riveting way possible. The characters aren’t just the usual pawns in the horror game: creator John Logan (“Skyfall,” “Hugo”) brings depth andRead More
In ABC’s “Black Box,” a drama about a brilliant yet troubled neuroscientist, we learn that the title is a term used by doctors to describe the human brain because it’s “the ultimate mystery.” But the real mystery is how this clumsy and somewhat lazy show ever made it onto your television screens – especially in these economic times when even great shows are getting taken off the air. British actress Kelly Reilly plays Dr. Catherine Black, who is the medical director at a state-of-the-art neurological center in New York, where sheRead More
“Bad Teacher” was the second film to TV adaptation I watched within this past week, the first being “Fargo.” One I loved; the other, not so much. Take a guess at which is which. The new CBS comedy “Bad Teacher” can’t hold a candle to the film starring Cameron Diaz that it’s based on. It’s hard to blame the failure on the premise, the actors, or heck, even the writing, when most of us know this series was screwed as soon as we read the acronym “CBS.” The network consistentlyRead More
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In one of the first episodes of the third season of “Veep,” Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), now in Presidential campaign mode, visits a hugely successful startup in Northern California with, naturally, hilarious and disastrous results, from both sides of the meeting. Shift a half hour earlier, and we encounter a very different tech mecca in HBO’s new comedy “Silicon Valley.” The two shows now run back to back on Sunday nights following the juggernaut that is “Game of Thrones,” and make for a distinct yet complimentary hour of great television.Read More
In recent years, spy shows have been in high demand, with FX’s “The Americans” and AMC’s “Rubicon” setting the bar high, and now AMC have given us “Turn.” However, the cable network’s newest drama is not quite as good as other shows in its genre, and not really up to scratch with other AMC shows like “Mad Men,” “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad.” “Turn” is set on Long Island in 1778 and dramatizes the real-life story of the Culper Ring, a network of spies whose work was instrumental inRead More
In my review of one of The CW’s new offerings this mid-season, “Star-Crossed,” I mentioned the idea that the network itself has more intriguing shows to offer to potential audiences, and “The 100,” the other new show premiering on the network in 2014, certainly falls under that category. Action-packed from the very first minute of the pilot, “The 100” is dark, twisted and not afraid to take the teen-friendly network to places it rarely ventures, resulting in an exciting and addictive new show for us to obsess over. The show’sRead More
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Often when actors portray themselves as characters, it gives the audience a feeling of exclusivity, like we’re getting an in on something otherwise hidden from the general public. This in-crowdy tone is when “Doll & Em” is at its most engaging. Real-life childhood friends Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer write and star in HBO’s upcoming series which travels the nuanced themes of friendship, jealousy and Hollywood. It’s a fairly simple story-line but one with a fair amount of potential. Dolly Wells recently ended things with her live-in boyfriend and calledRead More
Believe - Season 1
With only the first episode of NBC’s new supernatural drama series “Believe” to go on, it’s hard to get a sense of what the show is all about or the places it’ll go, but as far as pilots go, JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron have crafted an intriguing, surprising premise that should sustain interest from fans of both mysteries and character driven drama. Newcomer kid actor Johnny Sequoyah plays a girl named Bo, who is saved from a kidnapping in the show’s cold open, as her foster parents are murderedRead More
Suddenly, stories about the dead returning, without a horror element, are all the rage. In answer to The Sundance Channel’s “The Returned,” ABC is getting set to premiere “Resurrection,” based on the book “The Returned” by Jason Mott, which has no relation to the Sundance Channel drama. Confusing, huh? Imagine losing a child. It’s probably one of life’s most horrible occurrences. Now, imagine said child coming back thirty two years after he’d died, but still being a child, while you have aged. That is the premise of “Resurrection,” which inRead More