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We opening up this week on “Orphan Black” by checking in on Krystal. The events of last season, attempted kidnapping by Castor, the unaware clone has been busy. While the sisters she doesn’t know have been dealing with implants and MK, Krystal has been training in the gym, taking self-defense lessons and researching Dyad. Back in the Clone Club land, Sarah is ignoring the loss of MK by spending some time with Kira. Even a text from Helena, who is very pregnant and alone after escaping from the Hendrix home,Read More
Jack O’Connell is headed to Netflix! Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank’s upcoming Netflix Western drama “Godless” has chosen its star. According to The Hollywood Reporter O’Connell will headline the series for Netflix. “Godless” is set in 1884 and follows ruthless outlaw Frank Griffin as he hunts down his former partner Roy Goode. Griffin rips through the West looking for the young man he treated like his child and now considers an enemy. The search leads Frank to La Belle, a town where the entire population is female. O’Connell will play Roy.Read More
Same ol’ Litchfield, all new problems. “Orange is the New Black” is returning next month and Netflix is giving us a peek at what’s ahead for the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary. Rising tensions and a truckload of new inmates are the face of the new problems for our beloved group of inmates. Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) and Flaca (Jackie Cruz) should have a bigger presence in the fourth season since the actresses were upgraded to series regular. Blair Brown, who made her debut last season, will return as Martha Stewart-like Judy King.Read More
“Orphan Black” wakes up with MK this week. We see our newest addition getting up and going straight to work. The work being an investigation of Dyad, which is focused on obtaining information on Ferdinand. Ferdinand who happens to be with Sarah and Mrs. S. Last week he claimed to be able to get the implant our of Sarah’s cheek, which turns out to be only somewhat true. While he cannot do it himself, Ferdinand known who can: Susan Duncan. The woman would be hard to find if Rachel wasn’t feedingRead More
“Orphan Black” kicks things of this week by giving viewers their first glimpse of Rachel (Tatiana Maslany). We pop in just in time for her appointment with a new Castor clone named Ira who is checking out her new Neolutionist-made eye. Also young Charlotte is apparently her roommate. When Rachael begins questioning Ira in an attempt to get the lowdown on her situation, it becomes clear this clone is not living the high life. In fact, she has been locked in a room without visitors, except Charlotte, for six weeks. Ira finishesRead More
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The season premiere of “Orphan Black” ended with MK’s warning about the Neolutionists, so we begin this week jumping right into the action. Sarah is frantically packing while Mrs. S doubts MK’s warning until Kira sees the Neolutionists herself, sending the women into overdrive. They pack up, burn their Icelandic home and get the hell out of dodge. Back in Tonornto the Clone Club is just starting their days until getting the text from Sarah about their return. Mrs. S and Kira pass an odd man calling himself Hell WizardRead More
CBS has found its MacGyver! One young actor is going from playing a mutant to guy with powers of his own. TVLine reports Lucas Till has nabbed the lead role in the network’s reboot of the 1985 series. “MacGyver” follows a young man, Angus MacGyver (Till), who can use ordinary objects in unusual ways to solve problems. When a clandestine organization picks him up, the young man uses his ability to prevent disasters. Also cast in the pilot is Joshua Boone. He will play Gunner, MacGyver’s best friend from high school.Read More
The 100 -- "Terms and Conditions" -- Image HU308b_0001 -- Pictured (L-R): Henry Ian Cusick as Kane and Michael Beach as Pike -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Posted On March 10, 2016By Katie VincentIn TV Recaps

TV Recap: Everyone’s Got Plans on ‘The 100’

Last week was all about Clarke, so this week “The 100” gave Eliza Taylor a break and checked in on Arkadia, where things are going to hell fast. Jasper (Devon Bostick) continues to struggle with life which turns out to be great news for Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) who need to recruit more people to The City of Light. With Arkadia running out of supplies and having to ration everying – booze included – figuring out Monty’s (Christopher Larkin) password actually ends up being a good distractionRead More

Posted On February 11, 2016By Katie VincentIn TV Recaps

TV Recap: War Is Coming on ‘The 100’

The theme of this week’s episode of “The 100” is you win some, you lose some. A superior leader is gained in one respect and a truly terrible choice in leadership is won on the other side. Last week we found out that the queen of Ice Nation (Brenda Strong) was behind an attack on Mount Weather, killing a shit ton of people. She’s captured fairly (almost ridiculously) quickly by Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam Carey) people and brought to her and is sentenced to death for her crimes. The Ice NationRead More

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TV RECAP: Lines Are Drawn on ‘The 100’

Last week’s episode of “The 100” ended with fighting words from Clarke (Eliza Taylor) to Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey), who was behind her abduction. Now, locked up in Lexa’s tower like Rapunzel and avoiding her for days, Clarke and Lexa finally have a standoff wherein Lexa admits her plans to make the Sky People her people, the 13th clan. Later, Prince Roan (Zach McGowan) comes to Clarke with a win-win plan for the two: kill Lexa. Clarke gets to leave, and the prince gets back in mommy’s good graces andRead More