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Posted On December 16, 2015By Linda GeIn Featured, Reviews

REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

It’s been fifteen years since the last “Star Wars” movie and, let’s face it, more like thirty-two since the last really good one, but “The Force Awakens” more than makes up for lost time. The JJ Abrams-directed film is a “Star Wars” movie through and through, with all the adventure, fun, good vs. evil archetypes, adorable droids and characters to relaunch the franchise successfully for an all new generation. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are all back, mostly for the nostalgia factor for longtime fans, but it’s reallyRead More
There have been plenty of film adaptations of Gustave Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary,” but it is perhaps Sophie Barthes’ version that assigns the most sizable emphasis on the titular character. Based on the 1856 novel of the same name, “Madame Bovary” tells the tale of the disillusioned Emma Bovary (played by Mia Wasikowska) who attempts to elevate her social status by engaging in lavish spending and amorous secret affairs. As expected, this excessive lifestyle catches up with her forcing her to face the consequences, and face them, she does,Read More
John le Carre is sort of the thinking man’s John Grisham, and is a master at crafting tense but understated thrillers which engage his audience, provided they pay attention. Anton Corbijn has successfully translated this to the screen in “A Most Wanted Man” – though unfortunately it’s not quite on the level of Thomas Alfredson’s “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” the last le Carre adaptation to hit the big screen. “A Most Wanted Man” works better as a character study than a political thriller, and its highlight is by far itsRead More
That Lenny Abrahamson’s “Frank” is going to be a laugh out loud good time is evident within the first few minutes, as Domhnall Gleeson’s frustrated musician tries to write songs about anything and everything he sees around him. That it’s got more layers than just being odd and charming and fun takes a little bit longer – about the time we get to know Michael Fassbender’s titular Frank – but the two sides of the film work in tandem to make it an engrossing and meaningful moviegoing experience. Gleeson isRead More
“The Signal” is truly one of those movies that’s hard to describe, much less write a coherent review about. So many ideas are thrown into a sci-fi blender and not all of them stick. Director William Eubank does appear to have bitten off slightly more than he can chew with all the plots and themes that don’t quite tie together very smoothly, but, aided by strong leads in Brenton Thwaites and Olivia Cooke, there’s something so watchable and compelling about it, it’s hard to write off completely. Thwaites and CookeRead More
Fault in our stars

Posted On June 5, 2014By Brittney SeegersIn Reviews

REVIEW: ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Gets It Right

“The Fault in Our Stars” is, for the most part, a great movie. Based on John Green’s best-selling novel of the same name, the movie follows Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), two teens with cancer who fall in love with each other. But this isn’t your Nicholas Sparks-esque story. We know what’s at stake going in, we’re not smacked in the face with twist after twist. We’re not waiting for the big C to rear its ugly head. From Hazel’s cannula to Gus’ prosthetic leg,Read More
“X-Men: Days of Future Past” tackles one of the most iconic storylines from the comic book pages of its source material, something that often isn’t done in big screen adaptations. However, with the way Fox and Bryan Singer have set up their mutant Cinematic Universe, this was never going to bear much resemblance to its roots. However, that’s not inherently a bad thing (except to die-hard purists, of course). Indeed, there is a lot to like in Singer’s return to the X-Men franchise director’s chair since 2003’s “X2.” Strong, well-definedRead More
We are big fans of Elizabeth Banks. Certainly one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood, she’s also shown potential over and over again for leading lady status, and her keen comedic instincts should certainly lend itself to helping her become a queen of romantic comedies. Unfortunately, “Walk of Shame” will not be the film that gets her to that level. Banks is game as always and does her best, providing a few genuinely funny moments through sheer force of will alone, but the film crumbles around her. The premiseRead More

Posted On April 24, 2014By Rebecca LewisIn Reviews

REVIEW: Tom Hardy Anchors Tense and Riveting ‘Locke’

Set in real time and in one car for 85 minutes, it would be safe to say that Steven Knight’s latest film “Locke” could be hard to sell. But don’t let the premise turn you off, for “Locke” is as tense as any thriller I’ve seen, with a performance from Tom Hardy that’s one of his strongest ever. Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a structural engineer who has spent years building a reputation as a respected professional and as a dedicated family man. On the eve of what could be theRead More
The line between tension and violence is crossed sporadically and in spectacular fashion throughout revenge thriller “Blue Ruin,” Jeremy Saulnier’s deliberately paced and brilliantly acted (by Macon Blair) indie that has won raves ever since it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year. And for good reason. “Blue Ruin” is a masterful study in finding the beauty in ugly acts, in subverting expectations and in good old fashioned suspense storytelling. Blair plays Dwight, who we meet as a drifter taking a bath in someone else’s empty house at theRead More