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Rising British actor Simon Phillips has a background in Shakespeare and a film career that started in crime and is moving into comedy – with favourable comparisons to that other great British comedian Simon Pegg. On a promotional tour for new film “How to Stop Being a Loser”, out this Friday, I caught up with the actor who was happy to discuss drama school, acting and producing vs. writing and directing, and why he won’t be moving to Hollywood any time soon.Read More
While A-List stars got gussied up in black-tie attire and posed on red carpets over in Italy at the annual splashy, high profile Venice Film Festival, a smaller, more selective group of films were quietly shown in the Colorado Mountains at the Telluride Film Festival, where low-key and secrecy reign supreme. At the conclusion of the unofficial kick-off to awards season, the best received film across the board was Alexander Payne’s long-awaited follow-up to 2004’s “Sideways”, family tragedy/drama “The Descendants.” In addition to what some are calling George Clooney’s careerRead More
It was a cold and windy afternoon under the tents at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards, as many of the usual suspects picked up awards, including James Franco and Natalie Portman for Best Male and Female Leads for their roles in Oscar favorites “127 Hours” and “Black Swan” respectively. “Black Swan” was the big winner of the night, also winning Best Director for Darren Aronofsky and Best Feature. “Winter’s Bone” also made a strong showing, winning both Best Supporting Actor and Actress for John Hawkes and Dale Dickey. AwardsRead More

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Jennifer Hudson on Becoming ‘Winnie’

Few rise to fame as fast as Jennifer Hudson, who at a speed almost unheard of, flew from an unknown Chicago singer to placing seventh in American Idol to a Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner for Dreamgirls. It was Hudson’s own story as well as her look that drew in Winnie director Darrell Roodt and producer André Pieterse. The South African natives, whose youths were affected profoundly by the Mendelas, were struck with exactly what they needed to bring their vision of Winnie to life. According to Pieterse, there wasRead More
The new issue of Entertainment Weekly digs into the unprecedented number of superhero films headed to the big screen in the next couple of years, from “Thor” to “X-Men: First Class” to “The Dark Knight Rises” to “The Avengers”. And playing such iconic roles as Spider-Man, Catwoman, Magneto and Captain America is a new crop of actors, most of whom were relatively unknown when cast, and who are about to become household names. The 2010 awards race has been serendipitous, propelling names like Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique)Read More
Director Catherine Hardwicke has never made much of a secret of the fact that her choice for the role of Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga was not Robert Pattinson. It was the already-cast Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart, who talked Hardwicke and the producers into choosing the little-known British actor after their screen test together. Hardwicke’s idea of the perfect mysterious vampire stalker/lover was then 22 year old Shiloh Fernandez, and not giving up on the star quality she saw in him, she immediately cast him as the male leadRead More
Sundance has fallen hard for Drake Doremus’ “Like Crazy” (another of our most anticipated Sundance movies), the long-distance relationship drama that was so buzzed and loved that a bidding war between Paramount, Summit and Fox Searchlight started right in the lobby after the premiere screening. Eventually, Paramount proved victorious for a reported $4mil and will have the lucky task of distributing to the general public the first major hit of Sundance 2011. Starring the crazy talented Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones and shot entirely in improvisational style, the story followsRead More
Two days into the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and the first discovery of a talent on the rise has been made. After its premiere today, everyone is buzzing about Sean Durkin’s feature debut, the cult drama “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (one of the 10 Sundance films we’re excited for) and in particular its star, 21-year-old Elizabeth Olsen. Yes, that Olsen: she is the younger sister of media mogul twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As we covered in our first feature on this promising new star, the youngest Olsen sibling eschewedRead More
Just yesterday we got a supposed unofficial look at some of the major cast members of “X-Men: First Class” in (bright yellow) uniforms from what looks to be a photoshoot, and today the first official stills from the movie itself have been released to Hero Complex. Ditching the yellow spandex, Xavier, Magneto and Co. look stylish, chic and wholly appropriate for their 1960s set story. The stills also introduce new looks at mutants we didn’t get to see in yesterday’s image. Kevin Bacon‘s Sebastian Shaw, who possesses the ability toRead More
Wow! Rooney Mara is nearly unrecognizable on the February cover of W magazine, posing in character as goth hacker Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s adapatation of Stieg Larsson’s Swedish best-selling series “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Fincher and Mara spoke to W’s Lynn Herschberger from the set. Despite the highly publicized casting process, Fincher wanted Mara from the beginning. He did see other girls, big names like Natalie Portman, who was coming off three movies and was too exhausted, Scarlett Johansson, deemed too sexy, and a then unknown JenniferRead More