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New images from “Jurassic World” have been released, and they finally feature our first look at new leading man Chris Pratt, who’s definitely doing the bad boy thing well opposite a pristine Bryce Dallas Howard, and the new images feature our first look at a couple of the younger actors in the cast, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins, as well. The photos were released today to The AV Club as we are now officially 365 days away from the release of the film Colin Trevorrow is now directing in Hawaii.Read More
"Regression" Day 33Photo: Jan Thijs 2014
We saw some set photos of Emma Watson filming her newest movie “Regression” a couple of months ago, but now the first official image from the Alejandro Amenábar’s thriller has been released, also featuring Ethan Hawke. Set in 1990 in Minnesota, Hawke plays a detective investigating a man (David Dencik) who has been accused of an unspeakable crime by his daughter (Watson). The man claims to have no memory of doing it, but the investigation soon turns even more sinister as the investigation soon reveals a satanic cult may beRead More
Benedict Cumberbatch The Imitation Game
Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first stills of Benedict Cumberbatch in the Alan Turing biopic “The Imitation Game.” The film stars Cumberbatch as Turing, a British mathematician who rose to fame by helping the Allies defeat the Germans in WWII by cracking their “Enigma Code.” A decade later, however, he was prosecuted by the government just because he was a homosexual. Rather than accept a prison sentence, he chose the alternative — a chemical castration. Turing was so demoralized by the experience that it led to him committing suicide byRead More
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from saving our planet from alien invasions to take down cyber terrorism as seen in the first photo from Michael Mann‘s thriller “Cyber.” Plot details for “Cyber” — which may or may not be retitled “Black Hat” — are still being kept hush. However, Mann did unveiled some details during an interview back in February. “With great facility the people in the film move between Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Chicago. And the film’s story takes you from those places toRead More
In early May, Fox held the first screening of “The Fault in Our Stars” in New York City, and we were lucky enough to not only see the film, but also attend the press conference with the cast and filmmakers. The press conference, which was streamed online, can still be viewed here. The lineup included stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, and Sam Tramell (who actually has a young son named Gus), director Josh Boone, and author John Green. It was obvious from the interaction between theRead More
We saw them filming earlier thsi year, and now with “Suffragette” wrapped, Pathe have released the first official image from Sarah Gavron’s historical drama about the women’s right-to-vote movement in Britain. The first photo features Carey Mulligan alongside her fellow Suffragettes (Helena Bonham Carter and Anne-Marie Duff among them), demonstrating at a rally. Mulligan plays Maude, one of the “foot soldiers of the early feminist movement: women who were forced underground in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State.” The film also stars Meryl StreepRead More
Snapshots of our heroine’s life are featured on the first poster released for RJ Cutler’s adaptation of YA novel “If I Stay,” featuring Chloe Moretz as Mia Hall, a teenager on the brink of a literal life-or-death decision. Based on Gayle Forman’s novel, the story follows Moretz’s Mia after a catastrophic car accident leaves her parents dead and herself awake beside her comatose body, as her family and friends gather around her, having to choose whether to let go and die or fight to wake up and keep living. TheRead More
Jessica Chastain Miss Julie
Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell get up and close and personal in the new stills from Liv Ullman‘s 1880s drama “Miss Julie.” Based on Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s 1888 play, “Miss Julie” is set over the course of one 1880s midsummer night in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (as opposed to Sweden in the original). Chastain stars in the titular role of an upper class woman who meets and falls for John (Farrell), her father’s valet. Despite their class differences, the two form a strong connection and become entangled in a toxicRead More
Emilia Clarke trades in dragons for a gun in the first set photos revealed from the filming of the new “Terminator” reboot, which also feature our first look at her co-stars Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke as well. The Daily Mail got the first snaps of the trio filming a rather revealing scene alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising his role as the original T-8000 machine. Emilia, as the new Sarah Connor, is seen wearing hospital scrubs and pointing a gun at Jason, clearly not recognizing him as her future son, John.Read More
Jeremy Renner plays real life journalist Gary Webb in political thriller “Kill the Messenger,” and now we’ve got the first poster for the fall release also starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosemarie DeWitt, Ray Liotta, Tim Blake Nelson, Barry Pepper, Oliver Platt and Michael Sheen. Webb was a San Jose Mercury News reporter during the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s, who published an expose detailing the link between the CIA and Contra rebels in Nicaragua in importing and selling cocaine on the streets of California. Rather than make his career, theRead More