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“Scandal” season 4 is almost upon us. Before diving deep into another round of Washington DC drama with Olivia Pope and company, here is everything that happened on the third season of Shonda Rhimes’ hit nighttime soap. Just in case you need a refresher. World War Grant With Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) name in the media as the President’s mistress everyone puts on their fixer hats. Eli (Joe Morton) asks Olivia to run, but she decides to push through the scandal against her father’s wishes. She comes up with a planRead More
Five months ago, the first installment of Veronica Roth‘s best-selling “Divergent” trilogy finally hit the big screen. Not only did Neil Burger‘s film cross the $100 million mark at the box office, but it also introduced the general public to a group of up-and-coming young actors — such as Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort — with bright futures. Among those up and comers is Christian Madsen, a 24-year-old who calls veteran character actor Michael Madsen his father and Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen his aunt. “Divergent” fansRead More
Richard Linklater is no stranger to taking unusual approaches to filmmaking, though even the director behind the “Before Sunrise” trilogy seems to have hit another level with the sprawling, intimate character study “Boyhood.” Filmed for brief periods of time over 12 years, it’s a surreal experience to watch right before our eyes the coming-of-age of Mason (newcomer Ellar Coltrane), who we follow from age six to 18, through the ups and downs of growing up, the various changes in his family structure and his own growing cognizance of his existence.Read More
'Game of Thrones' Episode 4.02
Another season, another body count, another round of ultra-dramatic plot twists and scream-worthy scenes. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is over for another year, and as we slowly come to grips with that fact—and that it’ll be about another ten months before the show returns—let’s reflect on the fourth season by narrowing down its top ten most shocking moments. Major spoilers ahead. 1. Goodnight, Sweet King (4×2: The Lion and the Rose) A mere two episodes in, we see the death of someone who’s not only a major character, but aRead More
It’s been ten years but the Dollangangers are still as dysfunctional as ever. While Lifetime’s “Petals on the Wind” lived up to their first adaptation, of VC Andrews’ classic “Flowers in the Attic,” with wildy crazy and inappropriate relationship drama, it still took certain liberties from its source material, though likely in ways that were necessary and perhaps at times even for the betterment of the story. Below are five of the biggest differences we noted between the film, starring Rose McIver, Wyatt Nash and Heather Graham, and the originalRead More
This past Februrary, a film called “Vampire Academy” hit theatres. Remember it? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone because most people probably don’t either. Despite the clever school-centered promos and the already established massive international fanbase, plus the fact that the team behind the film were the same guys who blessed us with “Mean Girls” and “Heathers,” “Vampire Academy” was sure to be a mega-hit with the audiences, both old and new. Except it wasn’t. Not exactly. Less than a week after its North American release, the film already seemed toRead More
Over the course of five seasons, “Glee” has made stars of complete unknowns, reintroduced stars of the stage to a new demographic, and elevated the careers of seasoned performers. Now that the show’s penultimate season is near the finish line and has only one last lap to go, we at Up and Comers are focusing our magnifying glass on the cast of Fox’s musical dramedy with even more precision than ever before. Whether they’re regular cast members or recurring guest actors, it’s these 10 breakout “Glee” actors (listed below inRead More
After months of speculation, an official list of cast members for “Star Wars: Episode VII” was finally announced earlier this week. Although we still don’t know what kind of characters the cast will play, nor the official title of the film, it has also been confirmed that the Expanded Universe storylines and characters will not be part of the story. That pretty much leaves an empty canvas full of possibilities. Until we receive any hint of the plot, here are 7 things that we want to see in “Star Wars:Read More
Hard to believe it’s been ten years since “Mean Girls.” While that arguably iconic teen movie has made an indelible mark on pop culture and hell, even the way we speak (I know, right?!), we definitely have not been hurting for quality teen movies in the decade since. It’s hard to say if any of the movies on our list were directly or indirectly influenced by Tina Fey and Mark Waters’ hilarious yet spot-on satire of female friendships in high school, but each of them are memorable and worth yourRead More
On the biggest day of WonderCon 2014, movie studios brought their A game and their most exciting new footage to show off from upcoming tentpole pictures. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” continued to tell of the struggle between apes and humans, new YA franchise hopeful made its presence known a la “The Maze Runner” and there was even the very first footage anywhere shown of Matthew Vaughn’s latest comic book adaptation, “Secret Service,” which came close to winning the day, but that title has to belong to GarethRead More