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“Shameless” star Cameron Monaghan has been tapped to join Bella Thorne in an upcoming horror movie, according to TheWrap. The deal hasn’t been finalized quite yet, but sources say he is in final negotiations to become the newest addition to “Maniac” director Franck Khalfoun’s film. “Amityville” will also star Jennifer Jason Leigh as a single mother who moves with her three kids into the Amityville house, a home with a dark and checkered history. Are people really still moving their families into haunted houses in 2014? The real estate market can’tRead More
Josh Wiggins, the young breakout star of Sundance drama “Hellion,” has lined up his next role, and it’s his biggest yet. According to EW, Wiggins will play the lead role in “Max,” a family adventure drama to be directed by “Remember the Titans”‘ Boaz Yakin. “Max” tells the story of a boy and his dog. We assume the title refers to the dog in question, a Belgian Shepherd who worked alongside the US Marines in Afghanistan. When his handler is killed, “the man’s devastated family adopts the dog — erraticRead More
Dayo Okeniyi
Dayo Okeniyi, 25, has joined the first installment of Alan Taylor‘s new “Terminator: Genesis” trilogy, according to Variety. He joins a cast that includes Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke. Plot details for the film are still being kept secret, but the cast is already coming together. Having won the role over “Attack the Block” star John Boyega, Okeniyi will play Danny Dyson, the son of scientist Miles Dyson, who helped to create the computer system that sparked the war between machines and humans. Clarke will play Sarah Connor,Read More
“50 Shades of Grey” actor Luke Grimes and “Dear White People” star Kyle Gallner are both in negotiations to star alongside Bradley Cooper in the upcoming army drama, “American Sniper,” report Variety and The Wrap, respectively. The film is based on the story of Chris Kyle (Cooper), a Texas native who becomes a Navy Seal Chief with the highest number of sniper kills in U.S. military history. Grimes is set to play Marc Lee, a fellow Navy Seal alongside Kyle, while Gallner will play a sniper who earns the nicknameRead More
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have plans to continue their lucrative “Indiana Jones” franchise with Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role at least one more time, but they also have a contingency plan, according to the newest rumor going around courtesy of Latino Review. The LR guys report Disney have a specific start date in mind for “Indiana Jones V,” and if a new film starring Ford as Indy won’t come together by then, they are prepared to recast the role with a young actor able to relaunch the franchiseRead More

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John Boyega Sought for ‘Terminator: Genesis’

If John Boyega doesn’t end up getting the lead in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” he may have a pretty solid backup plan already in place. THR reporter Borys Kit tweets that Boyega is being sought for one of the lead roles in Alan Taylor’s reboot “Terminator: Genesis.” The role Boyega is up for is that of Danny Dyson, the son of Miles Dyson, the cybernetics scientist who invented the neural-net processor that eventually becomes Skynet and wipes out humanity. Emilia Clarke is on board as a young Sarah Connor, whileRead More

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Corey Stoll Joining Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’

The newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “House of Cards” alum Corey Stoll, according to The Wrap, who report the actor is negotiating to join the cast of Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man.” Paul Rudd has the lead role in the film as Scott Lang, the man who would become the Marvel superhero Ant-Man, with Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, the first guy to wear the moniker. Evangeline Lilly will play the female lead, though there’s no word on who that might be, while Michael Pena and Patrick Wilson haveRead More
If there was any doubt the team behind “The Fault in Our Stars” had a fabulous time working together, those can be put firmly to rest. Deadline reports not only are screenwriters Scott Neutstatder and Michael H. Weber going to adapt John Green’s other novel “Paper Towns” for Fox 2000, with the same producing team, they are even bringing along one of the stars. Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac in the cancer-stricken-teens-in-love drama starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, will take the lead role of Quentin in his next JohnRead More
Disney Channel star Bella Thorne is set to be the latest addition to the cast of the new “Amityville” movie, according to The Wrap.. Thorne joins Jennifer Jason Leigh in the latest installment of the horror franchise. The film will follow a single mother (Leigh) who moves her three children into the darkly storied Amityville house. The new installment to the franchise follows the original 1979 “Amityville Horror” and a 2005 remake which starred Ryan Reynolds and Chloe Moretz. The newest “Amityville” horror story will be directed by Franck KhalfounRead More
After doing that “Twilight” fanfiction come to life movie, Dakota Johnson will have a shot at a legitimate film, reports Deadline. She’s negotiating now to join the cast of “Black Mass,” the biopic of legendary mobster Whitey Bulger that has Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton attached to star. Johnson is lining up the role of Lindsey, Depp’s love interest (hey, what’s a little 26 year age difference in Hollywood?). Lindsey is Bulger’s girlfriend and the mother of his six year old son, Douglas, who ultimately dies. Edgerton plays FBI agentRead More