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After a couple years break it looks like indie star Emile Hirsch is back in the game, with three films set for release later this year (“Killer Joe”, “Venuto al Mondo” and “Savages“), another one is post-production (“The Motel Life” with Dakota Fanning) and a fifth, “A Long Way Down” in pre-production and gearing up for filming in the UK this September Now Variety reports, that somewhere between all those films, Hirsch found the time to secretly film a new indie, also starring Paul Rudd and directed by David GordonRead More
“Runner Runner” is shaping up to be one heck of a film. Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck jumped on board back in April, before being quickly joined by “Project X” breakout star Oliver Cooper, Anthony Mackie and Gemma Arterton. Now THR reports that Ben Schwartz has joined the cast. Schwartz has been working for years but it’s only in the last few years that he has began to make a name for himself, recently as the scene-stealer Jean-Ralphio in NBC’s hit “Parks and Recreation”. He is currently filming “Better LivingRead More
Looks like the casting process for “The Hungers Games” sequel “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is still underway, as reports today confirm that no-one has yet been cast in fan favourite Finnick – and those rumours around Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund are in “no way true”. Taylor Kitsch already took himself out of the running, and despite reports that director Francis Lawrence had “his mind set on” Hammer, Nina Jacobson, one of the producers for the sequel has told 24 Frames that things are “not narrowed things down byRead More
Starring three of the most promising rising stars in Hollywood right now, MTV have premiered the first trailer for Stephen Chbosky’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“, and we’re impressed. Based on Chbosky’s acclaimed novel, the film follows Logan Lerman’s Charlie, a 15 year old outsider who struggles to to cope with mental illness, first love and the suicide of his best friend, as well as trying to find out where he belongs. This first trailer focuses on Lerman as well as friends Emma Watson and Ezra Miller, and if these fewRead More
We’ve seen set photos and official stills, but finally we have the first official “Les Miserables” trailer, courtesy of Bing, and no wonder it’s set for a December 9th 2012 release date, this is 100% awards material. Tom Hooper has been hard at work directing the big screen adaptation of the beloved Victor Hugo classic and Broadway musical, starring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who escapes parole and fights to stay two steps ahead of the tenacious Inspector Javert, played by Russell Crowe, for most of their lives.Read More
It’s only fitting really that the first look at Chris Hemsworth in action for his new role in “Rush” should come during the BBC’s Formula 1 coverage. In the new film which tells the story of two men’s fight for dominance in the sport in the 1970′s, Hemsworth plays legendary British Formula One race car driver James Hunt in the film. Daniel Bruhl stars as Niki Lauda, Hunt’s rival, and Olivia Wilde as Hunt’s supermodel wife Suzy Miller. The new clip premiered during Sunday’s Monaco grand prix and gives us aRead More
The 65th Cannes Film Festival comes to a close today, after over 100 films have screened in and out of competition, numerous premieres, parties and after-parties were attended by the rich and famous and thousands of critics finally stopped and headed home for well-deserved sleep. Now, before all the stars can go home, it’s time for the awards to be handed out and tonight the festival jury will hand out nine awards including Best Actor, Best Actress and, of course, the all important Palme d’Or to the twenty big filmsRead More
Looks like Reeve Carney‘s Jeff Buckley biopic – which finally has been titled “Mystery White Boy” – has his supporting cast, 6 months after production was set to begin in New York City. Britain’s Daily Mail is reporting from Cannes Film Festival that Olivia Thirlby, and Brit actors  Gemma Arterton and Harry Treadaway have all joined the cast. One of three films currently in some stage of production based on the life of musician Jeff Buckley who died tragically in a boating accident after only one album, the film isRead More
Former TV actresses Brie Larson and Olivia Wilde are starring together as sisters in relationship comedy “Relanxious“, but Variety reports that the two will also star together in new indie comedy “Squirrels to the Nuts“. With a script from Peter Bogdanovich, the film tells the tale of Larson, who is a Broadway actress .. and also a hooker. The film follows these two aspects of her life as they interweave and collide. Owen Wilson stars as the Broadway director who pays her for her services, before helping her to reachRead More
Walter Salles’s “On The Road“, the long-awaited adaptation of the Jack Keroauc classic, may have premiered yesterday at Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews but for those of us who have to wait until closer to the release dates to watch the film, we have two newly released clips giving us a glimpse into the big screen lives of Sal, Dean, Marylou and Camille. An adaptation thirty years in development, the film finally moved into pre-production in 2010, with Salles behind the camera and Garrett Hedlund as the wild andRead More