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This episode opens with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) surrounded by an angry mob of troubled citizens. Audrey (Emily Rose) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) do their best to calm Tony, Kira’s boyfriend and assure the others they will seek justice and the truth. Once in private, Nathan informs them that Kira is actually alive, but trapped by a large rock in a dark place full of aether. They all agree they cannot divulge her whereabouts, since it would just lead to a search party and the discovery of the aether. Audrey suggestsRead More
HAVEN -- "New World Order" Episode 514 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy)
We open the Haven double header premier with Duke having released countless troubles on the unsuspecting residents. We see the aether tears hit people randomly and some of their new troubles are immediately ignited, with tragic results. Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Charlotte (Laura Mennell) are with a now unconscious Duke (Eric Balfour). Audrey sends Nathan to help at the station while she and her mother take Duke to the hospital, supposedly to gather Charlotte’s research and help Duke. When Nathan gets to the station, he has aRead More
We pick up in the midseason finale of “Haven” immediately from last week, with Charlotte (Laura Mennell) holding Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) hand and the ring, while a shocked Audrey (Emily Rose) looks on. Nathan tells Charlotte to stop lying. She insists she has and goes on to explain to them that she is in fact Mara’s mother and 1100 years old. Mara is 600-ish. They come from similar worlds, theirs being more advanced. She also explains they must stay separated, as Dwight (Adam Copeland) agrees and calls for backup toRead More
Haven - Season 5
In the seaside cottage, Mara (Emily Rose) wakes to find an irritable Duke (Eric Balfour) sitting in a chair staring at her, as we open on this week’s “Haven.” He looks annoyed as he tells her he’s about to set out to locate the aether and she tells him, after a few unnecessary sexual references, that getting it back is “key” to fixing him. They talk about breakfast and he leaves muttering that she’s “already so demanding.” The dialog and Duke’s attitude during this entire scene was very odd. OverRead More
Haven - Season 5
We begin this week’s “Haven” at HPD with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) dropping a file on Audrey’s (Emily Rose) desk. She says she remembers when he used to bring her coffee, he says it’s brewing and goes on to tell her Dr. Pete Palek was found dead in a dumpster. Nathan deduces that Duke (Eric Balfour) must have killed him since the contagion trouble abruptly ended at the approximate time of Pete’s death. He and Audrey also realize Duke is now on the run with Mara. Audrey starts to cough asRead More
We open this week’s “Haven” with Audrey (Emily Rose) pulling up to a Haven PD roadblock and trying to get officer Rafferty to let her through, despite the quarantine. Rafferty, in a particularly pissy mood, exclaims, “So there’s rules for you and then there’s rules for everyone else?” Nathan (Lucas Bryant) arrives just in time to escort Audrey back into town. He suggests that everyone is on edge over the quick spread of this new trouble contagion. As Nathan walks back to his vehicle, Audrey gets into hers and beginsRead More
Haven - Season 5
We open this week’s “Haven” as Dave (John Dunsworth) wakes with a start after dreaming again about running through the forest and finding the deer. This time, however, the dream shows the deer morphing into a nude female and screaming. Other bodies of settlers are scattered nearby and we see an open thinny in nearby. This scares Dave enough to pick up his phone and call Chris Brody (Jason Priestly), Audrey’s ex-boyfriend with the charm trouble from Season 2, for help. We next find Dwight (Adam Copeland) back in townRead More
Picking up where we left off on last week’s “Haven,” we begin with Duke (Eric Balfour) entering the cargo hold of his ship to bring Mara (Emily Rose) some lunch. After a snarky exchange, she tells Duke that Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) life is in danger because he had recently paid her a visit and told her someone was killing the other ghosts. She offers up a new trade for her assistance and says she’ll settle for Duke telling her a story about his mother. Odd choice, and Duke refuses andRead More
This week’s “Haven” begins with Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) still reeling from the physical split of Audrey from Mara on last week’s episode. In the end, they conclude that they have no idea what happened. Both Audrey and Duke think that turning Mara over to the Guard is the next logical step, but Nathan worries that without knowing if there’s a physical connection between them, there would be too much risk to Audrey. So they decide to wait until Dwight’s return, from wherever heRead More
Haven - Season 5
Since last week’s “Haven” trouble was brought about by the Doohan family curse, we were left with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour), trapped in each other’s bodies and trying to work out a plan in which to stop Duke’s potential Trouble explosion. They’ve realized Mara (Emily Rose) has been playing them and trying her best to cause a rift between them, so that she can plan her own getaway. They then hatch a plan to release a reincarnation trouble to ease Duke’s (Nathan’s) pain and try to pullRead More