TV RECAP: Krystal Shows Up and Causes A Huge Mess on ‘Orphan Black’

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We opening up this week on “Orphan Black” by checking in on Krystal. The events of last season, attempted kidnapping by Castor, the unaware clone has been busy. While the sisters she doesn’t know have been dealing with implants and MK, Krystal has been training in the gym, taking self-defense lessons and researching Dyad.

Back in the Clone Club land, Sarah is ignoring the loss of MK by spending some time with Kira. Even a text from Helena, who is very pregnant and alone after escaping from the Hendrix home, couldn’t pull Sarah away from painting with Kira. Alison’s information about Brightborn almost does the job, because the organization Felix used to find his sister Adele is part of corporation, but instead she simply brings Kira to Felix’s where her conspiracy hat. Felix wants no part of Sarah’s accusations, but she ignores him and pulls Scott into doing a DNA test on Felix and Adele.

Alison’s research is causing all sorts of issues. Cosima and Alison focus on the Brightborn treatments. While Alison planned for Sarah to go in with Donnie, she’s bust with Kira and Cosima decides to go in because her scientific knowledge is better than Alison going in blind. Time for Donnie and Cosima to team up for a mission!

Art, the only person not dealing with the Brightborn research, gets pulled into some serious trouble by Neolutionist-owned Detective Duko. The corrupt officer uses the investigation into the Hendrix family from last week and the fact that Alison looks just like Beth to put pressure on the Clone Club’s resident police officer. Concerned his job may be on the line because the Hendrix family run a small drug empire and killed some people, Art calls Sarah. The news shocked Sarah, so naturally she called Alison. Not only does Alison admit to being a drug dealer, but she tells Sarah that Helena has disappeared then hangs up.

Donnie and Cosima’s mission into Brightborn is full of complications. Problem #1: Evie Cho, who is aware of the Leda and Castor experiments, is at the Brightborn orientation Cosima is attending in prison. Problem #2: Krystal’s investigation into Dyad has also led her to Brightborn. Problem #3: Susan Duncan and Ira are in the building too. They want to confront Cho about Sarah’s infiltration of the dental clinic.

Brightborn was clearly the hottest spot in town this week. Cosima successful hides from Cho, but the Neolutionist doctor sees Krystal. While Cho talks to Susan about the dental clinic and a clone being in the building, Cosima goes searching for information on Brightborn. Donnie spots a clone he doesn’t recognize and Cosima assigned him the job of distracting her. Susan Duncan, who thinks Sarah is the Leda clone in Brightborn, bumps into Cosima who steals the doctor’s keycard to get better access. Unaware she’s just been made by Susan, Cosima goes on investigate further. While snapping pictures of files, the clone, who is wearing scrubs, gets pulled into a delivery. Susan dispatches someone to bring in Cosima, but they get Krystal instead. When the newborn is born with significant facial deformity, Cosima discovers just how much experimentation Brightborn is doing. She plans to leave with the new information, but bumps right into Susan who has kicked Krystal out the building and discovered Cosima stole her badge. Susan tries to convince Cosima to give them Kendall, even offering a cure in exchange.

Felix, pissed at Sarah for believing Adele is a Neolution plant, shows up with his new sister for dinner at the comic book shop. Mrs. S may not be on the conspiracy train with Sarah, but she’s pissed Felix brought Adele to their safe house. During the argument Sarah lets Felix in on her DNA exam, which pisses him off to no end. While they wait for the results, Sarah stars interrogating Adele right at the dinner table. A tense argument erupts and when Scott calls with the results Sarah feels ridiculous because Adele is in fact Felix’s sister. Kira pulls Sarah away from the situation. They have a conversation about the dreams Kira has been having where she feels what the clones feel. Except they are not dreams.

In the closing moments we return to Susan Duncan who is swimming at Brightborn’s pool with Ira. They are discussing how close they are to the original. What shocking is when they embrace and kiss, revealing Susan has been in a relationship with one of the clones she created.

What did you think of this week’s “Orphan Black”? Did you enjoy seeing Krystal again?


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