Who Should Play Marvel Superheroes ‘Cloak and Dagger’?

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Tyrone Johnson was raised in a poor neighborhood in South Boston. While he was a good student, Tyrone’s chronic stutter resulted in the lack of confidence stopping him from being great. The one positive thing in Tyrone’s life is his best friend Billy. One night the two friends witness a robbery at a local store where the clerk is shot. Billy runs away, afraid of being suspected, and gets shot by the police. Tyrone blames himself because his stutter prevented him from telling the cops Billy was innocent. The guilt from Billy’s death send Tyrone to New York City without a penny to his name.

When Tyrone gets his powers he takes on the superhero mantle Cloak. His body transforms into a portal to “Darkforce Dimension.” Creating fields of darkness that cripple those in them with fear and disturbing images, teleporting short distances and being intangible are among Cloak’s powers. Tyrone’s link to the dimension is complicated by The Predator, who forces Cloak to absorb energy from others. Dagger’s light satisfies the craving, which makes their partnership extremely beneficial.

1. Jacob Artist


Unless “Quantico” makes the right call and brings Artist back as a regular in its second season, Freeform may want to cast this talented actor to play Cloak. When the young man joined “Glee” he made a huge splash with his first major role. A lack of good material and unforeseen circumstances cut his stint short.  Artist is a true talent and someone needs to give the young man his opportunity to shine.

2. Jordan Fisher


Fisher shined as Doody on “Grease Live!” earlier this year and the talented actor needs to return to our screens soon. With roles on “Teen Wolf” and “The Secret life of American Teenager,” Fisher is no stranger to television. This is one guy who could knock the role of Cloak out of the park.

3. Trevor Jackson


Fans of “Eureka” wondering what happened to young Kevin Blake, like I have, can rest easy knowing he has grown into a talented actor. The young man was part of the amazing second season of “American Crime.” Jackson was one of many young standouts on the series focusing on a crime committed at private high school. He played the captain of basketball team at the center of the crime. The entire younger cast of the project should go on to great new roles, just happens Jackson is a perfect fit for Cloak.

4. Keith Powers


If already being on Freeform’s radar is a benefit, then Powers is a solid choice. The young actor recently recurred on “Recovery Road” and has landed a series regular role on upcoming drama “Famous in Love.” When an actor appears in a success film like “Straight Outta Compton” and nabs roles like Ronnie Devoe in the upcoming New Edition biopic, they deserve more. Cloak is a rare opportunity for a young African American man to headline.

5. Tequan Richmond


This “Everybody Hates Chris” alum is just the kind of actor Freeform would choose. From the comedy we know Richmond can bring the laughs and the fact that he’s been on “General Hospital” since 2012 means he’s dealt with his share of drama. The actor’s Showtime pilot mat be an obstacle, but the chance to play a Marvel superhero does not come around often. His range and talent should be enough to have Richmond considered for the role of Cloak.

6. Eli Goree


“The 100” set its high stakes with the death of Goree’s character Wells. The thing with being the first is that it still stings. Goree made viewers care about his character after a handful of episodes than some actor’s due over the course of a series. Armed with that valuable ability it is shocking the actor was not immediately cast in another project. Luckily he has joined Freeform’s upcoming supernatural horror drama “Dead of Summer.” He isn’t the lead, so his character’s death, typical on a horror series, could open the door for him to play Cloak.

7. Maestro Harrell


“The Wire” is one of the greatest television shows ever and Harrell’s Randy Wagstaff was a standout of the fourth season. Simply put this is one talented actor who has the skills to play a Marvel hero. Recently he had a recurring roles on ABC comedy “Suburgatory” and “Fear The Walking Dead,” but he is currently a free agent. Harrell deserves more than random guest appearances. In fact, he deserves the lead role in a great project. Hopefully the team behind “Cloak and Dagger” is paying attention.

8. Shameik Moore


Coming off “Dope” many people were keeping an eye out for what this rising star would do next. His choice was to join Netflix’s upcoming series “The Get Down.” If things continue to go well for Moore then a Marvel role could be in his future.

9. Stephan James


James made quite the splash with his role in 2014’s “Selma.” The actor attempted to make the jump to television with the lead in NBC’s spiritual drama pilot “Unveiled,” which the network decided to redevelop. Luckily for fans of the actor, he has joined the cast of Fox limited series “Shots Fired.” Fortunately, once the limited series wraps James is free to join the world of Marvel with a role on “Cloak and Dagger.”

Who do you want to play the Marvel heroes?




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