Who Should Play Marvel Superheroes ‘Cloak and Dagger’?

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Freeform is getting into the superhero game! The network has recently ordered Marvel series “Cloak and Dagger.” The drama centers on two very different teens, Tyrone and Tandy, who meet while living on the streets. After the two get experimented on, they get powers and decide to team up. Their journey to become superheroes is sometimes complicated by their feelings for one another.

This new development means two young actors are joining the likes of Marvel heroes Captain America, Daredevil and Quake. Like the recent addition of Tom Holland’s Spiderman, the superhero franchise has recently provided opportunities for younger actors to nab these highly coveted roles. Here’s a list of talented actors who should be considered for the two leads:



Raised in a wealthy family, Tandy Bowen seemed to have a great life. Feeling neglected by her mom and no connection to his stepfather, the young girl decided to ran away from home. She ends up in New York City on a whim and without an ounce of street smarts. She meets a young man named Tyrone on the streets. While initially Tyrone planned to steal Tandy’s purse, he ends up stopping someone who beat him to the prize. He returns the purse to Tandy and when she accepts shelter from a sketchy stranger, Tyrone joins her to ensure his new friend’s safety. Tyrone’s instincts are stop on and the two teenagers are experimented on and obtain special powers. They decide to team up and become Cloak and Dagger. Tandy Bowen’s Dagger can throw daggers of light at people who are then forced to confront the darkness within them.

1. Skyler Samuels


Nabbing the lead role on the network’s, when it was known as ABC Family, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” means the actress should already be on Freeform’s radar. As Chloe King, a descendant of ancient race the Mai, Samuels can handle the pressure of playing the lead and the action scenes that come with playing Dagger. Since then the actress had built momentum by appearing in film “The Duff” as well as television series “American Horror Story” and “Scream Queens.” Since the Fox drama is not bringing Samuels for a second season then Freeform has the opportunity to capitalize on Samuels’ momentum.

2. Maddie Hasson


Hasson was a standout on “The Finder” and “Twisted,” which means her return to television is already overdue. While her low profile could make her an unlikely, Hasson has nabbed the female lead opposite Cameron Monaghan in young adult adaptation “Anna Dressed In Blood.” If the film makes the right impression then a Marvel hero role would be the ideal next step.

3. AnnaSophia Robb


The girl who played a young Carrie Bradshaw is up for any challenge. Robb is a charismatic young actress was magic on “The Carrie Diaries” and deserves to play hero. The actress made an impression in 2011’s “Soul Surfer” and has a few film roles lined up. Her role on PBS drama “Mercy Street” is proof of an interest in continuing on television. Dagger needs to care about people, fight for good and participate in an epic love story. Robb’s got the skills to do just that.

4. Sasha Pieterse


With all signs pointing towards “Pretty Little Liars” coming to an end, Pieterse could jump from one Freeform series to another. The young actresses at the center of the network’s megahit should all be planning to make the most of their momentum when the series comes to an end. Pieterse, being the youngest of the PLLs, is the best fit for the new series if Freeform looks within its crop of young talent.

5. Skyler Day


Sometimes a fresh face is in order. Day has appeared on several huge series, including “Pretty Little Liars,” in minor roles and playing Dagger would be a real opportunity. The “Parenthood” alum is a potential relative unknown who could excel in a role like this one.


6. Britt Robertson


Marvel television series, outside Agents of SHIELD,” have gone for stars with some recognition. Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter and Finn Jones were all known for their roles on other series before nabbing their heroes roles. When looking for actresses to play Dagger, Britt Robertson could be a serious contender. She starred on CW dramas “Life Unexpected” and “The Secret Circle,” so she has what it takes to play the lead. Landing a role on film “Tomorrowland” was intended to make a bigger splash than it did, so maybe it’s time Robertson returned to television.

7. Grace Phipps


Like her co-star Samuels, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” showcased Phipps’ considerable talents. Where actresses playing the best friend role sometimes play second-fiddle, Phipps was a standout. The scene-stealer was hilarious, dynamic and charismatic. Shockingly no series since had tapped into her talented to headline a series. Since she has recurred on “The Vampire Diaries” and current Freeform series “Baby Daddy,” but at the moment she’s not attached to any series. A full-time return to Freeform could be in the cards if she nabs the Marvel series’ female lead.

8. Gage Golightly


Though she currently plays Karen on Amazon’s “Red Oak,” Golightly could take her considerable talents to kick ass as Dagger. The actress made quite the name for herself as werewolf Erica on “Teen Wolf.” She tried to follow it up with the lead of CW’s pilot “Company Town,” but the network passed on it. Maybe it’s time for Golightly head back to the front lines of the action with another lead role.

9. Lucy Fry


Leading a project associated with such a massive franchise is a daunting task and we know Fry is up to the challenge. She was a lead in film adaptation “Vampire Academy,” but unfortunately lack of box office success meant the sequel was scrapped.  The actress has gone on to appear on Hulu’s “11.22.63” and Austrailian miniseries “Wolf Creek,” which is currently airing. If Marvel and Freeform choose Fry they have a talented actress with the willingness to take on big roles who also has television experience.




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