TV RECAP: MK Takes Center Stage On ‘Orphan Black’

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“Orphan Black” wakes up with MK this week. We see our newest addition getting up and going straight to work. The work being an investigation of Dyad, which is focused on obtaining information on Ferdinand.

Ferdinand who happens to be with Sarah and Mrs. S. Last week he claimed to be able to get the implant our of Sarah’s cheek, which turns out to be only somewhat true. While he cannot do it himself, Ferdinand known who can: Susan Duncan. The woman would be hard to find if Rachel wasn’t feeding the man info from Susan’s House of Clones.

The plan is to have the source who tipped Sarah off in Iceland trace Rachel’s message, so Sarah and company can save Ferdinand’s love from Susan while getting the implant out of Sarah. The problem is, which everyone is unaware of, MK has some interest in Ferdinand. A potential complication. The other problem, which only Ferdinand is unaware of, MK isn’t currently working with the Clone Club.

Meanwhile the rest of Clone Club is dealing with Neolution in very different ways. Cosima and Scott are hard at work on getting the implant from the very deceased Dr. Leekie’s head while Alison’s morning coffee gets interrupted by an angry Trina. Cosima get the worm out of Leekie and begin experimenting on the worm-like implant. Alison gets yelled at by the girl, who was Beth’s source on Neolution, for Sarah’s investigation into the Neolutionist club  from the season premiere and a fertility clinic no ones heard of. All of which makes for a very confused Alison, but she makes she to snap a picture of Trina.

Felix shows up to meet an irritated Sarah with angst for being left out of all things implant. They siblings bicker until Mrs. S nips it in the bud.  He does get some brother points when the picture Alison took of Trina leads to a mission. Alison initially tries to get out of investigating until Felix offers to join, solving a problem for Sarah.

Alison and Felix, bringing Donnie along, head to the Lifespring Fertility. Since Beth investigated the place, Donnie and Felix play a couple wanting to have a child. Donnie, for obvious reasons, has difficulty providing a sperm sample with the material provided when he spots Portia, a woman from their neighborhood, who is very pregnant. Using the pregnancy news as part of his scheme to get Alison to agree to some exceptionally odd phone sex. With Donnie no longer needing assistance, Alison conveniently bumps into Portia to get information on how she pregnant. Using her real plan out not being able to get pregnant, she gets the information about Dr. Bosch’s Bright Born treatments. Donnie and Felix use the relied information to set up a meeting with the doc.

MK becomes Sarah’s task of the day. Dizzy’s house is the setting for Sarah’s first real meeting with her new sister. Except the elusive hacker gives Sarah 3 minutes over a webcam, which is not very sisterly. They discuss implants, Susan Duncan, which sparks MK’s interest and Rachel. In the end MK agrees to trace Rachel’s message and to meet with Sarah. When Sarah gets to the appointed meeting place, Beth’s house, expecting to see MK, but she gets a call instead. MK says she is done with Sarah because of her connection to Ferdinand, which she discover while trying to find Susan.

Desperate for help, Sarah fills Dizzy on the clone situation in order to get in touch with MK. Narrowing down MK’s location the new duo head out on their journey. They find her trailer and discover her very dangerous set-up, which is equipped with pressure plates and bombs. Some hacking from Dizzy leads to information about MK’s hacking activities. She wasn’t only looking for Susan, her latest information-gathering mission was about Sarah’s phone.

Speaking of Sarah’s phone, Mrs. S gets a text from Sarah telling Ferdinand to meet at Beth’s. Except Sarah didn’t send a thing, MK has set him up. When he sits down at the laptop she placed, he discovers a bomb under the chair. Turns out MK wants payback. While Ferdinand was working as Topside’s assassin the two crossed paths. His attempted attack on MK, real name Vera,  in Finland left her with a serious scar on her face.

A quick call between Sarah and Mrs. S puts everyone on the same page. Sarah races to get to Ferdinand while MK’s revenge fantasy places out. When she reaches Beth’s house Sarah informs MK that she’s aware of what happen in Helsinki. The series’ long time secret is that Ferdinand burned Niki, a clone and MK’s only friend, alive in her home. Sarah even tries using Cosima’s news that the implant’s bots are editing Sarah’s DNA. MK reveals all she cares about is revenge and its the reason she called Sarah in Iceland then leaves. Mrs. S disarms MK’s bomb and saves his life, but without MK all three of them are worse off than when they began the day.

Two developments end the episode with major complications. First, Rachel’s secert communication to Ferdinand was not so secret. Susan Duncan is on to her, which makes Rachel’s escape mission a bit harder. The second, and drastically more creepy, development comes from Felix’s mission with The Hendrixs. They find a DVD where the Bright Born Group’s CEO, Dr. Evie Cho, explains the miraculous reproductive treatment her company’s developed. Cosima reveals this is a way to mainstream reproductive technology, but she’s unaware of the worst part. Dr. Cho was the woman Dr. Leekie was talking to when Beth’s Neolution investigation led her to Dyad. Not alone is she probably a Neolutionist using their creepy technology to experiment on families wanting babies, but she knows about the cloning experiment and, thanks to Beth, exactly what they look like. If she’s the next step in any investigation, she will see them coming.


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