TV RECAP: Everybody Wants Answers On ‘Orphan Black’

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“Orphan Black” kicks things of this week by giving viewers their first glimpse of Rachel (Tatiana Maslany). We pop in just in time for her appointment with a new Castor clone named Ira who is checking out her new Neolutionist-made eye. Also young Charlotte is apparently her roommate. When Rachael begins questioning Ira in an attempt to get the lowdown on her situation, it becomes clear this clone is not living the high life. In fact, she has been locked in a room without visitors, except Charlotte, for six weeks. Ira finishes his exam, which includes sticking a needle in Rachel’s eye, but refused to give up any information on Susan Duncan. Rachel is sure her mother is watching her though and Ira’s absence was a result of him bringing to the secluded area Rachel is currently calling home.

Back at the comic-book-shop-turned-home-base, Kira is worried about Sarah. She’s right to concerned, you know, because Sarah has an odd implant in her cheek courtesy of the Neolutionist. Implants are the topic of conversation over at the Hendrix household. Donnie conducts a failed examination on his wife, but Alison has an idea. Her gross plan includes digging up Dr. Leekie’s rotting corpse from their garage just in case his has an implant Cosima get use for research. Donnie, with good reason, is not too big on the plan because, you know, he did kill the man.

Sarah takes a trip to Felix’s to fill him in on all things implants, but winds up bumping into Adele. Adele just happens to be Felix’s biological sister who mistakes Sarah for a drug dealer. The siblings’ problems become the topic of conversation when Sarah tells Felix to get rid of Adele for her latest Clone Club issue. Felix, who is determined to have a life of his own, puts himself first and leaves Sarah without a partner for her mission. Instead he heads to the state park to drink with Adele and they talk family. Adele’s father was an American who had an affair in the UK and only told his family about Felix on his death bed.

Felix may want nothing to do with Sarah, but Helena has sestra-on-the-brain. Donnie asks her to watch his children while they jackhammer Leekie out of the ground, but all Helena wants to discuss is Sarah ignoring her phone calls. The very pregnant clone wants to help with the trouble. Instead she brings trouble to The Hendrix family in the form of a pair of detectives. They want to ask Helena, who they think is Alison Hendrix, some questions about a triple murder. This is a major problem because Helena committed those murders, an investigation could lead to the discovery of the small Hendrix drug empire from last season and, most concerning, there is currently a dead body being dug up in the garage. The presence of Alison Hendrix campaign posters at the crime scene was the reason for their visit. Luckily Helena and Donnie handled the situation. At least for now. Alison had better results, she found Leekie’s implant.

The task of finding MK’s friend for implant information turns out to be a solo mission. The man has theories, a name for the man in the implant video, Alonso Martinez, and is very willing to help Sarah, but no real answers about the implant. Art is the next stop for Sarah and luckily he is very willing to get to the bottom of this. He takes Alonso’s name and heads to the police station while Sarah finally takes a break. Art finds an address for a clinic, but also bumps into the corrupt officer who investigating Beth’s shooting. In typical fashion the Clone Club’s resident detective said enough to make the evil Neolutionist police officer suspicious. Good job Art!

Rachel’s quest for answers is going much better. Apparently Susan was gone for weeks looking for The Original, Kendall Malone, and failed. While Rachel is throwing jabs at her mother, Susan drops the biggest bomb: Charlotte is a clone as well. Turns out Rachel had no idea, but the two did form a bond. Charlotte has been passing messages out of the compound on Rachel’s behalf.

Cosima is left to watch Kira while Mrs. S tracks down a doctor and gets far more than she bargained for. The young girl seems to be zoning out, which Cosima believes to be exhaustion, but explains she was dreaming. A strange answer considering her eyes were open. The dream take precedent when Kira explains that in it Sarah was set on fire by the other clones because she was changing. The unexplored capabilities of Kira make this a very troubling piece of information.

Getting Dr. Leekie’s implant may have been gross, but the harder part is explaining how Donnie and Alison obtained it. After some awkward back-and-forth and Donnie’s mumbling, the couple finally tell Cosima about Donnie killing Dr. Leekie. Alison requests a “science person” comes to their home to get the implant out of the deceased doctor’s face.

Sarah, again on her on without any help, sneaks into the dental clinic Art found. She has to put on her Beth hat when one of the employees recognizes Sarah as her deceased detective sister. The woman in question had given Beth information in the past, but since has signed a nondisclosure agreement and is called in for all implant surgeries. When Sarah inquires about Alonso, which turns out not to be the information Beth was given, the woman becomes cagey. Revealing the fact she has the implant herself makes the woman more helpful. After she closes up for the day, Beth’s mysterious contact begins the surgery to take out the implant.

Mrs. S’ search for a doctor takes us to the end of this week’s action. She may have been expecting Benjamin, but creepy ass Ferdinand shows up instead. The man’s got some information about their search for a doctor and the Neolutionist implants. Before S can figure out the situation Art calls worried about Sarah missing her hourly check-in. Art is right to be concerned because Beth’s contact is Neolution and called her superiors for back-up. Ferdinand shows up instead, saves Sarah and informs her Susan Duncan is alive. Apparently Rachel is sending messages to him and in the closing moments we see their mother-daughter chat in new light. Susan is apologizing to Rachel who is just trying to get as much information from her mother as possible.


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