TV RECAP: The Clone Club Reunite on ‘Orphan Black’

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OB 402

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The season premiere of “Orphan Black” ended with MK’s warning about the Neolutionists, so we begin this week jumping right into the action. Sarah is frantically packing while Mrs. S doubts MK’s warning until Kira sees the Neolutionists herself, sending the women into overdrive. They pack up, burn their Icelandic home and get the hell out of dodge.

Back in Tonornto the Clone Club is just starting their days until getting the text from Sarah about their return. Mrs. S and Kira pass an odd man calling himself Hell Wizard to the secret lab Cosima and Scott are running under a comic book shop. The Clone Club then begins a game of Catch-Up. Scott tells Mrs. S Dyad fired or relocated their entire staff, essentially exiting the clone business, while Alison, Cosima and Sarah talk about all things MK.

Sarah heads to Art and discovers their lead to MK starts with the last case he worked with Beth. They head to Beth and Paul’s old flat to find clues, discovering Beth had actually met Dr. Leekie and was using drugs. The major discover is the surveillance equipment Beth was using to spy on Paul. When the tapes show Beth pointing a gun at Paul’s head and a visit from the pregnant Neo from the premiere, Sarah decides to pick up Felix for a trip to Club Neolution.

Meanwhile, Mrs. S gets an update on Cosima. The concern for our favorite clone’s health is increasing by the minute and all she can think about is Delphine. Scott does become the first to discover Kendall is sick. She makes him promised to keep her Leukemia diagnosis a secret. To balance things out with happier news, Helena and Donnie take a trip to the doctor. A very pregnant Helena gets a check up and discovers she is having twins. Donnie and Helena both seem excited, but Alison is a little less optimistic about Helena raising children.

Sarah gets some answers, including one she never expected, and a lead at the bar. While searching for Beth’s formerly pregnant Neo, Felix lets her know the awkwardness between them comes from Felix’s realization he’s the only one not actually related in The Clone Club, which has sent him on a search for his own blood relatives. Felix runs off to the dance floor before Sarah can make her argument about Felix being family, but a man mistaking Sarah for MK takes precedent. He shows Sarah a video of the same worm-like implants Beth saw during her investigation and when Sarah can’t speak from the a place of knowledge, our new mystery man figures out he isn’t talking to MK. Sarah snatches his phone, ditches Felix and goes to meet MK.

A flashback of Beth puts a spanner in the works. Donning a blond wig and some contacts, she goes somewhere apparently having to do with Neolutionists. When she returns wearing the clothes she wore when she killed herself with bloody hands, MK shows up to get answers. Beth screams at MK about ruining their efforts and sends her clone sister back into hiding.

At an abandoned Laundromat Sarah gets a crash course in MK. The mysterious clone quickly figures out Sarah must have conned her friend to force a meeting. She forces Sarah to put her phone in a dryer and take her shoes off then refuses to give her fellow clone any information because of what happened to Beth. Sarah tries to convince MK to help, but she drives off before they even speak face-to-face.

On her way she is stopped by the two paramedics putting the implants in people. After a quick check, they quickly move on and Sarah runs back to her family. A panicked Sarah scares Kira and worries Mrs. S until they find a maggot in her cheek, confirming Sarah’s fear: she’s been implanted.


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