TV RECAP: Lessons in Love and Letting Go on ‘Haven’ Series Finale

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The double episode series finale of Haven begins with Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) literally camping out in the Haven Police Headquarters and discussing Audrey’s recent abduction by her father, Croatoan. Audrey is more frightened after meeting him and hearing of his plans to “gift” people their heart’s desire, to prove himself to her. They also worry about Duke’s mission to collect specific troubles for Croatoan to use against them. Nathan insists they’ll get Duke back before that can happen.

Somewhere in town, Kirby, Vanessa’s nephew, runs through the shadows and breaks into a building in order to escape Duke (Eric Balfour). Unfortunately, Duke finds him and before killing him, tells Kirby that he wants his trouble, of seeing the future, so that Croatoan can use it to show Audrey all the wonderful things the future holds. Before Kirby dies, he reminds Duke of his own fate at the hands of a tattooed man.

Meanwhile inside a lovely white estate on a hill, Dwight (Adam Copeland) is dealing with the recent development of his freshly resurrected daughter, Lizzie. Vince (Richard Donat) is concerned about Dwight keeping this information from Nathan. As they discuss what Dwight is doing, Duke appears outside, across the street. Dwight goes out to meet him and is told he can keep his daughter in exchange for the controller crystal he has hidden. Dwight is now torn.

Nathan and Audrey, meet Gloria in what looks to be a rec center. Outside stands the Benjy’s Ice Cream truck, containing Kirby’s body. Gloria tells them she suspects Duke, before she leaves. Next thing you know, Croatoan appears. Nathan immediately shoots at him, but it has no effect. Croatoan is impressed by his “ask questions later” attitude.

Croatoan is actually there to talk to Nathan. He’s offering to keep him safe from what they are about to do by giving him a “copy” of Audrey he insists Nathan will never know as a copy. Audrey is taken aback, but Nathan is furious and escorts Audrey out after telling Croatoan that his place is in Haven, with the real Audrey and fighting him.

Back at the HPD Gloria (Jayne Eastwood), Vicky and Audrey have thought of a creative plan to repair the core, by having Vicky draw, then restore it. As she’s finishing up her drawing, Nathan approaches and Audrey takes a moment to try to convince him to take her father up on his offer. Nathan says he would never leave her, especially since she loves him enough to even suggest it.

Moments later Duke arrives to see what they’ve been up to. Everyone has taken off and he goes in search of them. They’re hiding in a room while Vicky hurriedly completes the picture. The moment she’s done, Duke finds them and the ladies race off, while Nathan tries to slow Duke down. Duke quickly gets past him, finds the women and tells them he wants Vicky’s trouble. Suddenly Nathan hits Duke from behind, stopping him temporarily. Before they can leave Duke finds Vicky’s picture on the floor, tears it and destroys the core.

Duke tells Audrey and Nathan they are safe. He only needs Vicky’s trouble and warns that Audrey will have no better luck than Nathan trying to break through to what’s left of good Duke. Audrey attempts it anyway and starts by apologizing for setting him on the path to destruction. She knows he’s been fighting his destiny, just like she has. As she approaches Duke, he comes back to them and drops the knife.

In the white house, Dwight is still trying to reconcile his feelings about getting his daughter back. He missed her so much and this is a dream come true, even though he senses it’s not right.

While Duke is himself, he tells Audrey and Nathan that he hates what Croatoan has made him do, so he wants to help them destroy him. He says that Croatoan is trying to split them up, because he knows they are stronger together. Before they can formulate a plan, Duke is doubled over in pain, as aether is drawn, one trouble at a time from his body to Croatoan. They are at a loss. It’s Duke who comes up with the awful solution, asking them to kill him.

The next few minutes are tense, while they argue and plead with each other about this terrible idea. It’s a brave choice that Duke is making, but his friends are struggling to accept it. Duke wants to decide his own destiny and help those he cares about in the process. They aren’t given enough time to ponder it, because Croatoan ramps up the trouble leaching. Nathan jumps in and begins to smother his friend. The pain on his face is heartbreaking. Both he and Audrey say their thanks and goodbyes as Duke dies in his friend’s arms.

Dwight and Vince join Audrey, Nathan, Gloria and Vicky to talk about Duke’s sacrifice and how it has helped them. They decide to bury him at sea, with Jennifer, when this is all over. Tears are flowing from everyone, but Nathan is broken and excuses himself to take a walk outside.

Inside the home Croatoan has created for his daughter, Dwight comes in and asks him why he wants the controller crystal, since the aether core has been destroyed. It seems he wants to make sure no one uses it against him again. So, it’s the crystal for Lizzie and Dwight tells Croatoan, he’ll be back shortly with it.

In the HPD, Audrey sits and toys with Duke’s whistle, while looking at pictures of the three of them. Laverne, still occupying the building cuts in and shows her Nathan re-entering and then leaving the building. Panning outside, we see Nathan approach Croatoan, then follow him offscreen, much to Audrey’s horror.

In the distance, Nathan confronts Audrey’s father and steadfastly refuses to leave her, so Croatoan decides to force Nathan’s removal. He touches Nathan’s chest and Nathan hits the ground and vanishes, closely followed by the faux Audrey and even the Bronco. The next thing we see is Audrey barging into the room she’d been kept in and asking her father what he did with Nathan. He lies and says that Nathan chose to leave for a trouble free life, beyond the shroud.

We flash over to Nathan and the Audrey clone, in a diner, wondering how they got there. All they know is that they are together and love each other, but very little else. Although there are no clues to suggest what is going on, Nathan is already suspecting something is wrong.

In the office they once shared, Audrey is wishing Nathan was there to help her through this. She misses him, but can’t dwell on it, because she gets a call from Vince to join him at the house Dwight is hiding Lizzie in. After explaining to her that Dwight is struggling with his choice, he searches his memory and realizes that they can still build the barn and that’s why Croatoan wants the crystal.

Back with Nathan and faux Audrey, they are doing some research and finding their plates aren’t registered, nor do they have ID’s. Nathan is growing more suspicious by the minute, but now this Audrey seems to be backing off her curiosity. He suggests they at least take a drive up the coast and they set off to figure things out.

Real Audrey confronts her dad in the house, as skies grow grey and thunder rolls in. The cloud is gathering aether to rain down on their “lab.” She tells him that even without Nathan, there are others willing to help stop him. In the distance we hear gunfire and we switch over to see McHugh and others firing at Dwight as he exits a squad car and runs up a hill towards the old armory tower. Croatoan waves his hand at Dwight’s pursuers and they all vanish, to be plunked in the harbor.

Inside the tower, Dwight joins them, but has a trick up his sleeve. It was all a ruse to blindside Croatoan in order to trap him in a new barn. Dwight tosses the crystal over Croatoan’s head as Vince appears to grab it. The next thing we see is the tower transformed into the new barn. Sadly, it doesn’t hold, because her father says he’d have to voluntarily chose to maintain it and he refuses to do so.

The barn vanishes and they reappear inside the tower. Vince drops the controller and fades, then Croatoan sends poor Dwight into the harbor with the others. Things are ratcheting up and the storm of aether looms over Haven. Audrey is now agreeing to do as her father requests, under two conditions, he transfer all the aether to her and he spares the town of Haven.

Dwight wakes up near the water, to find himself in the presence of…Duke? He blurts out, “you’re dead,” to which Duke telepathically replies, “Yes, I am. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to me.” Dwight follows Duke and we jump over to Nathan and faux Audrey beside the road, staring towards where Haven used to be, but not knowing why. All he knows is that he can’t make himself leave this spot.

Nathan can’t see it, but she can. Faux Audrey sees though it and admits to Nathan that she was supposed to be Audrey and love him like she did, but he saw through it. And because she does love him, she knows he doesn’t belong there. With sadness, she takes his hand, leads him through the barrier and tells him to go help his Audrey. As she fades away, Nathan turns to Dwight’s voice. He has been lead to the same place by spirit Duke, to tell him where to find Audrey. Nathan asks Dwight to thank Duke, but Duke tells Dwight he isn’t finished with him yet and they leave while Nathan races to Audrey.

In the tower, Audrey is summoning the aether and it’s swirling around her when Nathan appears in the doorway. She stops what she is doing, to run into his arms, to the disbelief of her father. Nathan says he’d never accept a copy or leave her. This enrages her father, who gathers a bolt of aether and strikes Nathan as he throws himself in front of Audrey, supposedly killing him in the process.

Audrey is beside herself with rage and tells her father that he really isn’t doing any of this for her. He’s doing it for revenge and self interest and he’d never sacrifice his own life for her, as Nathan would do in a second. Croatoan freezes her and to our surprise, goes and revives Nathan, for her. He unfreezes her and turns her to see Nathan waking. As Audrey runs to embrace Nathan, her dad says she was right. He wouldn’t die for her, like Nathan would, but he would take the troubles and leave for her.

In a field, Dwight and Duke arrive to find Lizzie playing with a dog. Duke explains that Dwight could keep her there, if he believes she is real. Dwight asks, “What about you? Are you even real, because the real Duke is kind of a ****!” With that Duke turns, walks away and fades as he flips him the bird.

Within the tower, Croatoan summons Vince, but is surprised to learn that the barn still needs a catalyst, powered by love, in order to move it. Audrey is that person. Nathan and Audrey both know she must do this for the town. She tearfully asks him to move on and make a new life for himself. He says he’ll be okay, but he will never be able to “move on.” He’ll think of her every hour of every day, especially when he sees what she’s done for others and the families she’s put back together. A truly beautiful goodbye, as we watch the Glendower men emerge from the sea and all the troubles float upward, including Nathan’s. He says she’ll always be with him and he will aways love her. With that, the tower lights up and then crumbles, leaving him standing alone.

A month in the future, we find Chief Nathan, talking to officer Stan about their new norm of “cats in trees” when he receives a call from Dwight, inviting him to join him, his daughter Lizzie and McHugh, for some fishing. He radios Laverne to ask her to forward the easy calls to Stan, but instead of answering, she walks up behind him and we see her for the first and last time. She tells him to go see Gloria about the troubles.

He leaves and joins Gloria, who tells him the troubled DNA marker is now gone from all residents she tested, meaning no more 27 year cycle. This is a sweet and sad moment for both of them. Gloria has Vicky give Nathan a sketch she’s made of Audrey and tells him that he can keep Audrey alive by thinking of what she’d do when he’s undecided. She also admits she’s more like Duke than anyone else Nathan knows, so when he feels the need to talk to Duke, come to her. A touching moment.

On his way to the dock to join Dwight, Nathan sees a red car on the side of the road, which he decides to investigate. He taps on the passenger window and catches his breath when a familiar face turns to greet him. Her name is Paige and she has brown hair, but looks at him with his love’s eyes. In the backseat is her son, James, whom Nathan is awestruck to see. The chemistry is immediate as we see Paige check her hair in the mirror and Nathan close his eyes and try to breathe on the other side of her opened hood.

The car won’t start, so she gets out and accidentally slams his fingers in the door, but this time around he DOES feel it and she feels awful. So awful she wants to take him to the hospital. He passes, so his infamously aggressive soulmate, invites him to breakfast and more specifically, to have pancakes. We see them driving off in the Bronco, while “Love will keep us together” plays in the background.

Meanwhile, in the barn, Croatoan and Vince, watch what is going on and her father asks, “Are you sure she couldn’t go back as Audrey?” Vince responds, “Oh yes, but she knew if she went back as someone else, she and Nathan would fall in love all over again…and it appears she was right.”

A bittersweet series finale, but a fitting end to Haven. I will miss my favorite couple, but feel their love story got a satisfying conclusion.


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