TV RECAP: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You on ‘Haven’

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In a peaceful looking farmhouse, somewhere in Haven, Audrey (Emily Rose) wakes from a bad dream of an evil Duke (Eric Balfour) having just kidnapped her…only it wasn’t a dream. She pops up from a bed and tries to leave the room, only to find herself locked in, until Croatoan (William Shatner), her dad, enters.

He’s rather jovial, as he calls her by the nickname he gave her long ago, “Dove.” He explains that it was derived from her ability to “soar,” because she was anything but a peaceful child. They settle in so he can catch her up on things. He wants to take her home, even though he knows Mara is dead. She’s still his daughter and they have stuff to do!

In another building elsewhere in Haven, Nathan (Lucas Bryant) is assembling a group of men to hunt down or lure Duke to them, hoping they can learn where Audrey is. Suddenly, Duke comes waltzing through the door and they immediately scramble to take him down. When Duke grabs and lifts Nathan by the throat, Dwight (Adam Copeland) and McHugh (Christian Rezo) seize the opportunity to use a chair on him before Nathan can grab some chloroform.

Over at the Haven Herald, Vince is having a chat with Agent Howard. Vince wants to know if they have everything that is needed to build the new barn and once built, can it in fact cure the troubles. Howard basically says yes, and adds that it will also draw in Croatoan and send them back to the void. Unfortunately, even after the core is repaired, Howard cannot serve as the controller anymore, since he was compromised by the damaged core.

At HPD, Dwight joins Nathan outside the interrogation room where Duke is chained up using phase-proof shackles. Dwight suggests the Duke that they know must be gone, but Nathan insists “he’s still in there,” reminding Dwight that he was right about Audrey being inside Mara. Nathan seems to have the faith of a saint, never giving up on people. We witness him walk in, sit down and begin talking calmly to a clear eyed Duke.

Audrey and dad are still talking about his motives and actions, when she accuses him of killing his own family, like her mother and her son. He explains that he had to stop Charlotte from finding a cure for the troubles and stop Lucy from killing James. Ending the troubles would be disastrous for both of them. He’s trying to convince her that everything he’s done was for her. She asks for coffee and secretly secures a weapon after he leaves the room.

Inside the interrogation room, Nathan is trying to reach this friend, appealing to his memories of their relationship, allowing Duke to change the subject to Audrey, which Nathan goes with. Duke attempts to rattle Nathan, with the tired Colorado story, but Nathan uses it to emphasize that Audrey and Duke actually care about each other. Duke merely laughs and exclaims that Nathan using “the power of love” isn’t going to work, but curiously then gives him a clue as to how he can find her. He says Croatoan was hiding inside Dave, who coincidently knew every corner of Haven.

Within the Herald, Howard is reflecting on what drove his decision to become the controller, sacrificing himself to protect his family and others. He goes on to explain that it was his personal connection to his family that gave him the ability to operate the barn. We know he’s devising a plan.

We rejoin Nathan, having left Duke inside the room. He and Dwight think that maybe he’s getting through to Duke, because that sure sounded like a clue to locating Audrey. Nathan decides to stay with Duke, to keep working on him, but sends Dwight to ask Vince where his brother would stash a prisoner. Dwight brings in McHugh to back up Nathan.

Back at the farmhouse, Croatoan brings Audrey coffee. He tells her she’s viewing the troubles too negatively and it doesn’t have to be that way. She says, “No, it doesn’t” and with that, stabs him in the neck. After magically repairing himself, her pissed off papa, snaps Audrey’s arm in retaliation. He admits he did it to show her she can be repaired using the troubles. He even explains how he uses the troubles for protection, something Mara eluded to in 5a. Only the ones he needs, those he’s having Duke collect for him.

Jumping back to Nathan and McHugh, Nathan thinks they might possibly use a trouble to help Duke or in some way. He sends McHugh off to get the Trouble Census, which is guarded, so he can find a useful trouble. Nathan goes back in to Duke and believes Duke is coming out of it for a moment, by pleading for Nathan to help him, just before his eyes go black again.

Dwight joins Vince and Howard at the Herald. After telling Vince what Duke said, Vince gives Dwight the location of his and Dave’s safe place, on the outskirts of town. After Dwight leaves, Howard approaches Vince, who’s still grieving his brother. He tells Vince that Dave was a good man. This makes Vince pause, then ask if Howard could make someone else the controller. It doesn’t take long to convince Howard that he believes it’s his purpose to sacrifice himself to take over this responsibility.

Croatoan is still trying to convince Audrey to join him. He implies his kind was jealous or just too timid to understand the value of his work. Audrey doesn’t agree, so he fills her in on the part of the story Charlotte didn’t. He tells her that he used aether to save her life, by infusing it into her body. He basically created what she has become and is proud of it.

Audrey believes what Croatoan did for Mara was courageous. She said that what he’s done since isn’t something that man would be proud of. He insists he needed to do this to protect himself in the void till he could get back to his daughter. Of course, he also admits that she’s more than a daughter, she’s his creation and very special. The truth is out and Audrey realizes Croatoan actually needs her for something.

She realizes Croatoan can actually control the troubles, Duke can gather them, but only she has the ability to create the special troubles he needs. He wants her to embrace who she is, so they can go and take back what was theirs from those who banished them. A father-daughter team, that will first flood Haven with aether, which he considers their lab. He says his plan has already begun as we switch back to Nathan speaking with McHugh, who’s brought him the trouble census, outside of the room containing Duke.

Duke apparently can hear them talking about the book as a goldmine and thanks them for bringing it to him. He quickly breaks the shackles, walks through the wall, shoves Nathan and dispatches McHugh. He then turns to Nathan and demands the book. On Audrey’s side of the world, she panics when she discovers Nathan is part of Croatoan’s plan and is in terrible danger.

Duke hits Nathan and sends him into a wall, before taking the book. He tells Nathan their plan is to pick and chose the troubles they need and thus become unstoppable. It looks like he’s planning to finish him off, when Audrey’s pleading with her father to spare him, brings Duke to a sudden stop. He releases Nathan and leaves with the book. Is it Nathan’s last few words to Duke, telling him that it isn’t him doing this or did Croatoan call him off?

We end with Croatoan trying to calm a hysterical Audrey, by saying he’s decided to let Nathan live. Although greatly releaved, Audrey still says she will not help him. Her dad figured she probably wouldn’t, but now knows what matters most to her, Nathan and the residents of Haven. Armed with that knowledge, he says he’s going to use his powers to give them what they really want and make them happy.

She asks if that’s what he did with Duke, but Croatoan says Duke spent his life searching for his identity and now he’s found it. The door opens and he says she can leave. He wants her to be among them, see them happy and see what she’ll be taking away from them if she doesn’t agree to leave with him.

Outside, Dwight has just arrived at the farmhouse where Audrey was held. He enters and goes through the rooms, compound bow in hand, before finding a child. She turns and he is stunned to see his deceased daughter Lizzie smiling back at him. She runs to embrace him, as we see his expression change from shock to pure joy.

We conclude at the Herald, where we find Nathan calling for Vince. Unable to locate him, he sees the crystal and asks Howard to locate Vince. The crystal glows and we watch as Vince himself materializes in front of Nathan, who exclaims, “Oh my God, what have you done?” Vince confidently states he did what he had to do, and better yet, he knows “exactly what we have to do to send Croatoan screaming back to hell!”


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