TV RECAP: A Super Day Ends With Two Breakups on ‘iZombie’

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This episode opens with a woman being chased by two thugs through a dark alley. Along comes a caped guy to beat off her attackers. After his hero spiel, we cut to daylight and a garbage collector in the same alley. He’s come across the body of hero guy in a dumpster.

At Major (Robert Buckley) and Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) place, Liv and Major are arguing about the fallout from her last personality altering meal. The trust issues are at the forefront. Luckily, they are interrupted by Ravi coming in to tell Liv (Rose McIver) they’ve been called to the scene of the dead hero, known by the police as “the Fog.”

Back at the shop, as Ravi and Liv talk about the oddball heroes, she whips up another entrée with hero brain. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) shows up shortly thereafter and Liv, now fully charged on brain du jour, suggests they go check out the place the thugs were employed.

Liv immediately recognizes the man playing Santa and Clive provides details. He’s “Mr. Boss, head of the biggest crime syndicate in Seattle.” Upon questioning him and showing him photos of the two thugs who attacked the victim, he claims to not recognize them. As Clive and Liv leave with their suspicions, Liv spots a tic tac toe symbol on a car window and has a flashback of The Fog exchanging blows with another hero known as Hashtag. Now they’re off to find him.

In Blaine’s mortuary, his associate wheels in a severely injured Drake, whom Blaine knows to be their connection to the tainted utopium. They need to save him in order to protect the drug’s whereabouts, so they take him to Liv and she zombifies him to save his life.

Inside the police headquarters, Clive and Liv are now questioning Hashtag about the fight he had with The Fog. Turns out, Fog had assembled a team of superheroes and hadn’t included him. So, Clive and Liv bring in that motley crew next. They inform them that Mr. Boss was bringing in a shipment of guns, but they hadn’t actually been told the full plan. They also get the unsettling news that one of the thugs has just been found dead.

Blaine is back at his shop now and filling in Drake about his predicament. The way he tells it, it doesn’t sound too bad, eating brains and all. Drake is hungry by now, so he asks Blaine the million dollar question, “tell me what I need to do to get these brains.”

Outside a suburban home, we find Major lurking in a shed, watching his next victim, a sweet woman he recently came across in a bar and unfortunately on his hit list. She’s watering plants and putting up a Christmas tree. He turns and opens one of many labeled boxes and goes through some pictures and memorabilia, looking pretty conflicted by what he knows he must do.

Liv and Ravi pay a visit to Blaine’s shop, where Drake is snacking on his first brain. Liv “flavors it up a bit” for him, which he appreciates. He also appreciates Liv saving his life, but she knows tells him to hold that thought. Sadly, Drake doesn’t know the exact location of the utopium, which was ingested by a couple of his friends, who are now buried in a field near a water tower.

As they chat, something explodes in a microwave, setting off a memory for Liv. She sees a man using a large weapon to blast what appears to be a pumpkin. She’s so alarmed she insists she and Ravi leave right away to find Babinaeux, hoping to get him to jump on it. Clive insists they follow protocal, but Liv disappears when he’s distracted.

We rejoin Major, as he is breaking into the (zombie) woman’s home. He creeps around the corner to her living room, where he spies a bunch of plastic covered furniture. He looks up to see her holding a gun to her head, in an apparent suicide attempt. After he runs to stop her, she tackles him and goes full on zombie.

Major confesses that he’s being forced to take out zombies or his employer will kill his zombie girlfriend. The woman immediately backs off and says, you’re the “boogeyman” who is thinning the zombie heard? Later as they share tea, she tells Major how she was turned into a zombie by a pimp, who now uses her to service other zombie clients. She wants to die because she loathes being a zombie hooker and asks Major to give her the gun back or do the honors.

On a rooftop, somewhere, Liv, dressed up in hero duds, has followed a truck to a warehouse. After hitching a ride inside on the undercarriage, she quietly listens to the conversations of the gun runners.

Major and the woman are still talking, seeming to have found common ground. He explains that he’s doing what he needs to do to keep Liv safe. His new friend understands and is the non-judgemental voice of reason he obviously needed to hear.

Clive is interrogating Carlos, who tells him that the mugging victim, Mary Contreras, is actually a thief and a killer. She killed the Fog and is the real person need to be looking for. As they’re wrapping up, we flash over to Liv, who’s just been spotted by Mr. Boss’s men. After a brief fight, Liv turns to find a female, tied to a chair. Unfortunately, the woman turns out to be Mary, who once released, hits Liv over the head and floors her. Before Mary can shoot Liv, Mr. Boss shoots Mary and tells Liv, “you’re welcome!”

Back to Major and his new friend. She is voluntarily stepping into the freezer and asking Major to promise her that if the cure never happens, he has to end her life. She doesn’t want to wake up a zombie. With that, she gets a shot in the neck and it’s over.

Liv, slowly wakes up to Ravi’s voice. She’s confused as to why Mr. Boss helped her. The guns and money are gone too. Ravi explains that Clive is talking to Mr. Boss at the station. Liv soon joins them and Mr. Boss is feigning ignorance. Doesn’t know anything about minions selling guns. We see him exiting the room and joined by Drake in the hall.

The next thing we know, Clive and Liv are arguing. Clive realizing that their strange relationship is putting Liv in danger, which he takes the blame for. He tells her that it’s over, as she begs him not to do it. She needs this, but he brushes her off and leaves.

At home, Liv walks into a festive Christmas atmosphere, with major cooking and the house fully decorated. She finds Major in the kitchen, but can’t bring herself to smile. Major has come to an understanding, at least he thinks so. He’s trying, but she concludes they aren’t the same people anymore and wants to end their relationship. Major insists Ravi will eventually find a cure, just before he walks out the door.

At the lab, Ravi discovers the rat he’s treated with the latest round of the cure, has reverted back into a zombie after 162 days. It was sudden, with no warning signs. It also cast out all their working theories. They’re back at square one.

The last scene we see Ravi painstakingly scouring a field, near a water tower, with what looks like a metal detector.


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