TV RECAP: Hero Is spelled D-A-V-E on ‘Haven’

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We begin this installment with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) feverishly trying to move the boulder blocking the entrance to the cave he and William (Colin Ferguson) are trapped inside. William is bartering for Nathan to help free him and it gets heated. Finally, Nathan has had enough and tells William that Mara is dead, by her own mother’s hand.

At the Colton property, Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) are searching for Hailie, who ran off after realizing that Saving Nathan meant losing her “power.” As they search the property, they hear Hailie scream and find her behind the home, having been impaled by the metal rods of a fence. Audrey realizes that Hailie is only alive due to the rods and hopes they can convince her to help them rescue Nathan.

Elsewhere, Vince (Richard Donat) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) have Dave (John Dunsworth) chained to a chair, for everyone’s protection. They’ve called in the Iron Maiden, to help Dave create a “mind palace” in which he can attempt to learn more about Croatoan and possibly shake his grasp.

Within minutes, Dave is inside his own mind, at the Haven Herald, in search of Croatoan. The next thing we see is the Iron Maiden laying on the floor dead, a victim of Croatoan, and Dave still in the chair with his chains laying on the floor beside him. Dwight and Vince discover they’ve lost 10 minutes of time, while this all went on around them.

Over in voidland, William can’t seem to process what Nathan is telling him. So Nathan gives him details on how Mara created troubles that would effect their kind, which William says she always wanted. Nathan goes on to explain that it was Charlotte, Mara’s own mother who chose Audrey over her daughter, after they were split apart.

At the fence, Duke is trying to convince Hailie to use her trouble one last time to save Nathan and help the town. She points out that Duke activated her trouble and then tried to kill her, before bringing her to Haven to help their cause. She blames him personally and says she’d rather die than help him or the town.

In the cave, William sees a stream of liquid aether is now trickling from the wall, where Nathan hit it with something. William suggests he use the aether to trouble Nathan, so he can get them out of there. Nathan is resistant, but appears to be no other option.

We find Audrey talking to Duke about Hailie’s refusal to help. Nathan is running out of time, which means they all are. Duke says he sympathizes with Hailie. Audrey tells him that since Hailie is dying anyway, if Duke kills her, he can use his trouble to absorb hers and open the thinny they need. She says, “If it’s your destiny to save Haven, what if this is how you do it?” (Sidenote: Aren’t THEY ALL working to save Haven, not just Duke?) Duke thinks Croatoan wants them to use his curse and says he chooses to get Hailie to help them instead of killing her.

Again, in the cave, William is still trying to convince Nathan to let him retrouble him. He’s asking Nathan how far he’d be willing to go for Audrey in order to help her, saying he, himself would do just about anything for Mara.

In Dave’s mind palace, Croatoan tells Dave that he can only use halflings to do his bidding. Dave is told by Croatoan that he will be able to leave his body very soon and will spare him if he stops trying to interfere. Dave quickly retreats to sleep, just for us to find Vince pointing a gun at his brother’s head. After they wake Dave, they all figure out that the clocks Dave is seeing in his dream state are what he uses to erase time. Dave knows what he has to do now, in order to help them all.

Next thing we see is Duke, with Hailie, and she knows she has little time left. They have a heart to heart as Hailie says they can’t escape their destiny and Duke seems to come to terms with that. Saying he got her into this and has to get her out, just before he pulls a rod into her and ends her suffering. He absorbs her trouble just as she succumbs.

We return to the cave where Nathan has decided he has no choice but to allow William to trouble him again. Before he gives William the aether, Nathan requests that he make sure Audrey gets the crystal to cure the troubles. He knows he might die or be killed by William, but he needs to insure Haven can be saved.

As Nathan suspected, the first thing William does with the aether is to create Heavy, his giant minion. Heavy first frees William, then grabs Nathan, asking if he should break or kill him. William says, “I wonder, what would Mara do?” He decides Mara would probably kill him and tells Heavy to snap Nathan’s neck. But before that can happen, Nathan tells William that Mara slept with Duke and “blackhanded him” to explode troubles all over the town. William admits, “that does sound like something Mara would do.” Though he’s surprised Mara was with Duke and says, “I should kill you just for putting that thought in my head!”

Audrey and Duke are at the spot where Hailie had opened the thinny for Nathan. As soon as Duke opens it, William notices and has Heavy drop Nathan. He decides that he wants Nathan to go home, no longer caring what Mara would have done. In exchange for this favor, Nathan gives William his ring so that he can find his own way home. Next thing we see is Nathan walking through the thinny into Audrey’s waiting arms.

In the darkened room across town, the two brothers have a touching heart to heart, before Dave decides to go back in, risking his own life, to destroy the time stealing clocks. He is successful, but Croatoan kills him in the process. Vince is devastated as he tries to rouse his brother and Dwight is there to witness the whole thing. A very sad and emotional end to one of our most beloved Haven characters.

Audrey, Nathan and Duke have a friendly reunion, with Nathan producing the crystal and declaring they are one step closer to curing the troubles. After Audrey holds it, she says she’s “got nothing” and that they “have no idea what (they’re) doing…again.” She then states they (the trio) are back and will figure it out together.

The last thing we see is Vince and Dwight, next to Dave’s body, just as Croatoan uses him one last time to tell them Dave did succeed with his mission, but his body is no longer needed. He then pours out of Dave as black smoke and exits in a blast of wind. The two men find a note, Dave left for them on his arm, warning that Croatoan is coming for Audrey Parker.


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