TV RECAP: Nathan Gets Locked Out While Holding the Key on ‘Haven’

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We join Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) sharing a tender moment in the bedroom of his house. Yes, Nathan’s house has finally been shown and they’re cohabitating! A shirtless Nathan brings her coffee as they converse about her concerns over his going into the void in search of the controller crystal, the last piece needed to rebuild the barn.

Meanwhile, on the edge of town, a boy is playing a game of toss with the mysterious fog barrier. On his last throw, the ball isn’t returned until Duke (Eric Balfour) appears, with Hailie in tow and tosses the ball back to the frightened child. He turns and runs, while Hailie says her memory of Haven has now returned.

In Nathan’s kitchen, he continues to try to convince Audrey of the need to end the troubles and bring down the barrier. Some staples are becoming scarce. Audrey doesn’t care, because she recalls Charlotte’s notes describing how humans don’t last long in the void. As he’s still trying to convince her, there’s a knock on the door. Nathan is happy to find Duke, with Hailie, standing at the threshold. Unfortunately, Audrey is NOT so thrilled to see him.

In a guarded room somewhere, Dave sits playing cards with Vince. Dave asks if the Guard plans to kill him and Vince insists they won’t, though Dave doesn’t really believe him. Vince gets an idea, after Dave jokingly suggests a jailbreak and leaves to check something out.

Inside Barbara Colton’s home (Hailie’s mother), Duke and Nathan discuss why Nathan sent for him and the reason he wanted him to bring Hailie. Nathan says he needs her to get into the void to retrieve what they need to build the barn and end the troubles. He also says that Charlotte died trying to help them and there’s no other alternative. Duke explains that his vision showed him Haven being destroyed as a result of Nathan going into the void and not returning, to which Nathan simply states, “make sure I come back.”

In the old Haven Herald building, Dwight (Adam Copeland) finds Vince cataloging new troubles, something Charlotte had been doing before her death. Vince is hoping to find a person whose trouble can help break the hold Croatoan has on Dave. Dwight offers to help and settles in across from him.

Outside Barbara’s home, Audrey is helping Hailie understand her trouble. Nathan comes out and gives her the ring, explaining that her mother used it to create temporary passages, “thinnies” to pass through. Hailie tries it and catches on fast. She then opens one for Nathan, agreeing to keep reopening it every couple hours till Nathan returns.

After promising Audrey he’ll come back to her, Nathan walks through the thinny and emerges in an underground cave. Outside the cave, Nathan finds a forrested wasteland. He sees something in the distance and heads out.

Back at the Colton place, Audrey confronts Duke and accuses him of abandoning Haven. She’s furious that he left them when they needed him. He says they always need him for something and when she asks why he really came back, he admits he can’t seem to escape Haven, just like her. Audrey says that she actually cares about the people there and that she and Duke are nothing alike, before walking out of the room.

At that same moment, one of Duke’s first troubled victim’s, Lisa Hawkins, shows up with a vendetta. She’s the one from the Gull, whose touch explodes anything on contact now, like her boyfriend. She tries to use it on Duke, but he’s immune, so then she threatens to destroy the entire house they’re in. He is apologetic, but she doesn’t care. She lists off the bad things that have happened since Duke’s trouble explosion as he’s forced to listen.

Inside the Herald, Dwight and Vince aren’t having much luck. They do, however, come to the realization that if they cannot drive Croatoan from Dave, they may be forced to kill him in order to stop his murderous tendencies. Vince says, if the time comes, he’ll be the one to do it. Moments later, Vince discovers a possible fix for Dave. Using the family with the resurrection trouble that split Audrey from Mara might work, if the Iron Maiden can help Dave drive Croatoan to the surface.

Within the void, Nathan is searching for the site of the imploded barn, when he senses he’s being followed or watched. He pulls out his gun and spins around looking, but ends up falling backwards into a hole in the earth. To their mutual surprise, Nathan looks up to find William, whom he demands, at gunpoint, to help him out of the hole. William isn’t impressed, because he says that guns or mechanical devices don’t work in there.

Nathan quickly thinks up a cover story to gain William’s trust and assistance. He tells him Mara sent him to get William and locate the controller crystal. William isn’t sure, but when Nathan says that Mara’s life is in danger, he offers to help Nathan by taking him to the location of the imploded barn.

On their walk to the ruins, William wants to make small talk but Nathan starts coughing. He’s already feeling the effects of the void and William knows it. When they arrive, Nathan quickly spots the crystal, but stops short when an apparition resembling Audrey materializes and says only the “right person” can take the crystal. She then asks them to answer a simple question, regarding what the purpose of the barn was. William says it was a punishment, but Nathan says it was to save Mara. The apparition declares Nathan the right person and vanishes, much to William’s chagrin.

Unfortunately, William seems to have caught on, based on how Nathan was describing the events, that Audrey has somehow defeated Mara. Furious, William insists he can get Mara back again and lunges at Nathan. Nathan shoves him to the ground and runs to get back to the thinny ahead of William.

In a cabin, in the woods, Dwight, Vince and Dave go to see a fellow named Boyd, who they think can help them. Unfortunately, Dave is possessed by Croatoan shortly after arriving, breaks his cuffs and quickly kills Boyd while hold Vince and Dwight at bay.

In Haven, Audrey emerges and tries to talk Lisa down, by proving that Duke came back to help them. She takes her to see Hailie outside, who is opening another thinny for Nathan to come back through. Audrey tells Lisa that Duke made a choice to come back to help them, much like she did, making them similar. As Lisa realizes her anger is unfounded, Duke and she walk off to talk. Hailie, on the other hand, decides that she can’t allow Nathan to return and end the troubles, since she feels special with her ability. To Audrey’s horror, Hailie closes the thinny and leaves, cutting off Nathan’s way home.

Inside the cavern, William is overpowering a weakened Nathan, while the thinny’s dwindling presence is triggering a cave in. Both men dive for cover as boulders fall, effectively trapping the two men in the cave together, with William pinned by a rock.


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