TV RECAP: Family Ties and Touching Goodbyes on ‘Haven’

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HAVEN -- "Perditus" Episode 519 -- Pictured: Emily Rose as Audrey Parker -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Syfy)

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As we begin this episode, Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) stand outside a Big Benjy’s Ice Cream truck with Gloria. The body of Charlotte (Laura Mennell), lay inside, covered by a sheet as they discuss what happened to her and how to proceed.

Audrey tells them Charlotte was attacked by Croatoan. She also explains that Croatoan is her (Mara’s) father and she doesn’t understand why he’d kill her mother. Audrey turns to walk away as Nathan pursues her to give her some emotional support, though she insists she’s okay.

In a building nearby, Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave (John Dunsworth) are talking about the half dozen people who had their memories erased, on the beach, the day the Colorado Kid died. That makes over 20 people who’ve lost time, but they don’t know why.

Dwight storms in and tells them that Charlotte has been killed by Croatoan. He wants all their intel. Before they can say anything, Audrey joins them and says she wants to go after Croatoan too, since he has now killed her mother and her son. They insist Dave try to have another vision to help them.

We rejoin Duke, in the field, presumably talking to Walter Faraday. He tells Duke that there’s nothing wrong with him and that he is what he was “always meant to be.” Duke’s from a long line of trouble collectors. Croatoan, who came to Roanoke to collect troubles from the settlers, wasn’t yet strong enough to escape the void, so he turned a Powhatan man into his instrument of destruction. Apparently a Crocker wiped out the colony!

Vince finds Nathan looking for Charlotte’s “Go Bag.” Nathan explains that Charlotte had figured out a way to create a new barn, which would remove troubles without killing anyone or taking Audrey away. They think either Croatoan took it or Charlotte hid it.

Nathan leaves to go see Lainey, about her sister, the one who can talk to the dead. Her sister, Ona,  helped her get closure with her deceased husband Herb. Nathan pleads with her to tell him where he can find her sister, so maybe they can bring back Charlotte.

Nathan finds Ona and some of her friends inside the abandoned HPD. Ona performs a séance for Nathan, but has no luck contacting Charlotte. Just as Nathan’s about to leave, a gentleman named Herb shows up and Nathan realizes he’s been had. Ona confesses she doesn’t talk to the dead, she raises them through a resurrection trouble. All the people in the HPD are her deceased friends!

Meanwhile, Dave’s had a vision of what happened to Charlotte and is startled awake when the voice of Croatoan speaks directly to him. He sees that Charlotte had stowed some aether in her rolling bag, but now worries Croatoan is on to him. Audrey assures Dave that they will protect him and laments they could really use Charlotte. A moment later, Nathan comes in and says there’s a way to bring her back.

In Virginia, Duke is shown a frightening vision of Haven’s future.  He learns Audrey, Nathan and pretty much everyone is dead, Haven has been destroyed and horseshoe crabs with eyes roam about. Vicky tells him Vince is still alive, so Duke insists she take him to see him.

Audrey, Nathan and Dwight sit down to discuss the idea of bringing Charlotte back in order to get more information on building the new barn. Dwight thinks Nathan won’t go along with it, because Audrey isn’t keen on the idea since they don’t know how this trouble works. To Dwight’s surprise, Nathan affirms Charlotte is needed.  As Dwight leaves to get Charlotte’s body, Audrey passes the aether core to Nathan and asks him to hide it somewhere where even she won’t be able to find it.

Gloria is standing guard over Charlotte as Dwight approaches. She guesses they’ve found a way to bring her back and when he asks how she knew, she exclaims, “It’s not my first rodeo.” (Gotta love Gloria!) He says that he’s already lost his sister and his daughter, he isn’t going to lose anyone else.

Soon Charlotte is back, but doesn’t recall the circumstances surrounding her death. Alone for a moment, Charlotte has a flashback and remembers a few things.  When Audrey and Dwight go in to talk to her, she’s gone. On the phone, Nathan tells Audrey he’s hidden the core, but now they must locate Charlotte before Croatoan does.

Audrey goes to talk to Lainey, but finds a recently zombiefied Herb literally chewing her arm off. Audrey manages to lock him in a closet and calls Nathan to tell him the resurrected are turning into monsters. They need to tell Dwight he’s in terrible danger if Charlotte finds out what happened and turns too. Unbeknownst to them, Dwight’s already found her and told her everything.

Duke finds Vince sitting in the HPD offices with his eyes clouded over. He says Croatoan won and everything changed after Nathan went into the void, but never returned. As Duke questions why Nathan would go into the void, they hear screaming and Vince says, “it’s too late, Croatoan is here.” Vince declares they’re about to die, but Duke grabs a cricket bat (?) and charges off.

Inside the Haven PD, Dwight tells Nathan he’s already informed Charlotte of what happened. Nathan says it isn’t his fault, since he didn’t know the consequences. However, they now have little time left to get the information they need from her, as a hoard of recently turned zombies tries to break through the doors. Dwight and Nathan hold them off, but quickly realize they need Audrey to fix Ona’s trouble.

With little time left, Charlotte tells Nathan they need a controller crystal from inside the void for the new barn and then tells Audrey about her father. They take turns saying goodbye to Charlotte just as the trouble is extinguished. She has just enough time to tell Dwight she loves him and how she wasn’t always a good person. She then tells him who killed her, before going limp in his arms.

Elsewhere, Duke approaches a blood soaked tree, touches it and goes all black eyed again. He turns to find and quickly dispatch a duplicate of himself. The one on the ground states, “You are the fulcrum Duke. You’ll either save your friends or kill them all!”  Suddenly he wakes up at Seth’s feet. Seth is confused and says he didn’t see any of what Duke describes.

Outside a convenience store, Seth goes inside for supplies, but returns to find Duke preparing to leave in a stolen car. He wants Seth to live a full and happy life, but decides it’s time for him to head back to Haven, alone.

Vince and Dave approach The Haven Herald with Seth’s Rougarou detector beeping like crazy. Inside they discover Charlotte’s rolling bag, under a desk. As they ponder why Croatoan would leave it there, Audrey, Nathan and Dwight come in and tell Dave that he’s the one who took it and worse yet, he’s the one who killed Charlotte Cross!


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