TV RECAP: No Happily Ever After for ‘Haven’

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This episode begins with a couple being terrorized by what appears to be the same creature that they’ve dubbed “The No Marks Killer.” Dave (John Dunsworth) wakes up to realize it was a dream of something that just happened, so he yells for Vince (Richard Donat) to get up and accompany him to try and save the woman.

Across town, we see Dwight (Adam Copeland) and Charlotte (Laura Mennell) waking up together, discussing the plan to end the troubles and hoping for their “happily ever after.” Dwight leaves to assist Nathan with a freaked out citizen, who is hearing horses and soon gets trampled by an invisible horse and carriage. They find the roman numeral XII on his wrist, but think it stands for luck, which it obviously doesn’t in his case.

Next we join Audrey (Emily Rose) and Charlotte trudging their way to the aether filled cavern. Charlotte tells Audrey they need it to create a new Barn, one that will actually remove troubles and Audrey doesn’t have to leave with. Now to just figure out how to harness the aether!

Vince and Dave arrive at the home in his dream, to find another victim of the No Marks Killer and a woman locked in small room. Too bad she doesn’t remember anything.

Dwight and Nathan find a second body with a roman numeral on his wrist and a list of names in his pocket. They decide to investigate the names and figure they are being marked for a reason. Though Dwight is having mysterious pains and Nathan is experiencing some bad luck, we hear an unusual exchange between them about “women from other worlds, they’re not like other girls” and get to see a rare Nathan smile! They also discover they’ve been numbered too. “This trouble is coming for us,” exclaims Dwight.

Somewhere on the road, Duke (Eric Balfour) and Seth (Kris Lemche) stop at a gas station, in search of the man who can extract the “dark tar of evil” out of Duke. As they are about to leave, they find that the service attendant left them a note telling them to come back later.

Back in the cave, Charlotte is now feeling weak and Audrey appears to be going blind. They call their men and decide some invisible foe is trying to keep them from building the new barn. Nathan learns the names on the list were occult authors, those dealing with Tarot cards. They head out to visit local tarot readers to see if they can learn something.

Duke and Seth meet up with “Sam,” who left them the note. He says they all carry demons which must be extracted. He pretends to do so with a trick pump up his sleeve. Duke smells a rat, since he says he can sense troubled blood and calls him on it. Sam admits he just wanted to make a few bucks and was using some myth he’d heard of about a demon couple, from 500 years ago, who cursed people with black stuff. He tells them where to locate the guy and they head off to find Walter Faraday in the mountains.

Audrey and Charlotte are having difficulty gathering the aether, being blind and weak. Charlotte reminds Audrey that she knows how to control it, as she did with William, when she saved Nathan from his two goons. They sit back and Charlotte reveals that Mara’s father was a great scientist who was eventually banished to the void after he became obsessed with the aether.

Nathan and Dwight visit the Tarot Card reader and she confirms the last two victims were, in fact, her clients. She is shocked to find that she is now troubled and her readings are coming true. Blindness, weakness, bad luck and torture are some cards they find lying on a table in her shop. They correspond with our Haven Savers wrist tattoos. She doesn’t recall doing a reading, so Nathan and Dwight figure the No Marks Killer is targeting them to slow them down.

Dwight meets up with Charlotte and Audrey in the woods, where they all realize Croatoan is the No Marks Killer. The same entity involved in the disappearance of the lost colony in Roanoke. He must be what came through the void, when they opened the portal under the lighthouse. This is why they can’t remember that day either.

We find, even with his bad luck curse, Nathan is managing to help the others by insisting the Tarot Reader pull new cards for each of his friends. This saves Dwight from choking, Audrey from blindness and Charlotte from weakness, at least temporarily.

Seth and Duke find a headstone in a field, complete with a Guard symbol, indicating Walter Faraday is deceased. Duke doesn’t seem too surprised as things continue to thwart his efforts to discover what’s going on and his part in all of it.

Audrey and Charlotte are invigorated after regaining their senses. Audrey tells Charlotte that it was her emotion and fear of losing Nathan that helped her to control the aether, so they need to focus on their feelings for each other harness the aether. It works and now they have the first piece to their new barn, which Charlotte called their “aether core.”

Outside, they find Dwight in a bind and Charlotte tells Audrey to take the aether core and hide it someplace safe. After Audrey leaves, Charlotte kisses Dwight and stashes something in his pocket. She then turns and heads in another direction as a confused Dwight calls after her.

Gloria is with Vince and Dave. She tells them that all of them are losing time or memories. This seems to be happening at a more rapid pace. She thinks she has a test that can determine if it’s a physical problem, but it may be dangerous and no one volunteers.

While Audrey is looking for a place to stash the aether, she starts fading. Nathan knows she’s in trouble after he loses communication with her and asks the reader to try something else. He wants an all new reading based on one question. He asks, “We’d do anything for this place. So, with everything we’ve done for Haven over the years, what fate have we earned?” Judgment. “As long as your cause is just, it means you can overcome any obstacle,” says the reader. It works and Audrey is back! Dwight is also released and after finding Charlotte’s ring in his pocket, runs to go find her.

Charlotte is gathering her medical supplies, in her dark offices. Croatoan finds her and demands the aether. He wants to meet Audrey, but Charlotte says she won’t let him near her as she grabs a knife and runs at a shadowy figure.

In a clearing, Duke sits next to a sleeping Seth. A man appears out of nowhere, as Seth disappears. He knows Duke’s name and asks him if he’s there to find out what he really is. After Duke says yes, the man declares, “Well friend, it’s your lucky day, because I’m here to tell you.”

Audrey goes in search of her mother and finds her, bloodied and dying on the floor of her office. She tells Audrey that the new barn is the only way to stop Croatoan, her father. He’s furious at what they did to Mara and has plans for Audrey. It looks like Charlotte is gone and Audrey will have to figure out the new barn on her own.


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