TV RECAP: True Love Defeats the Sandman on ‘Haven’

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At the end of last week’s episode, Audrey (Emily Rose) had been rendered unconscious by The Sandman (Rossif Sutherland) and we now find her somehow transported to a very lavish wedding venue, where she’s apparently preparing to marry Henry, aka Sandman. She’s definitely not herself, as we hear her conversations with others and see her about to try on her wedding gown.

Next we witness a panicked Nathan (Lucas Bryant) finding Audrey, wide-eyed and unresponsive on the floor of a classroom. Sitting in a chair next to her is Grayson, her deaf friend. Nathan looks up to find the Sandman standing, eyes closed, in a dark corner. When Nathan draws his gun and demands to know what he’s done to her, Sandman opens his eyes and says, “I’m so sorry, she’s gone.”

Somewhere outside the fog barrier, we join Darkside Seeker, Seth Byrne (Kris Lemeche) as he interviews a witness to a paranormal activity. It seems someone saw Hailie phasing through the shipping container. As Kris documents this, he opens the container and discovers Duke (Eric Balfour) trapped inside. Only he doesn’t remember Duke, or Haven, or the Troubles.

Charlotte (Laura Mennell) takes Nathan aside to show him what the Sandman does and assures him that Audrey is safe, for the time being. This allows Dwight to talk to Henry and learn of his plan. As the questioning intensifies, Henry shuts his eyes and joins Audrey in la-la land. We see them hug and even kiss. Afterwards, Henry tells Audrey, “after the wedding, you are mine forever!”

Duke has followed Seth to a gas station, where he continues to try to convince him of Haven’s existence. Seth only becomes interested when Duke explains the unique phenomena occurring in and around Haven. Later, we watch as Seth is playing blank (to him) Haven footage, which is not blank to Duke.

In Haven, Henry wakes to find himself handcuffed to a chair. He accuses the Guard of using him for his ability and says Audrey was the only person who ever seemed to care. Across the hall, Charlotte reveals that Henry has become obsessed with Audrey, while Nathan takes Audrey’s hand and tries to connect with her on another level.

Dwight is growing frustrated and begins to threaten Henry into bringing Audrey and the others out of their stasis. Henry calls his bluff by slipping into a dream state and effortlessly killing one of the female coma victims. To further infuriate Dwight, Henry also decides to kill the chauffeur, who just dropped off Grayson, the best man.

At the van again, Duke is still working on Seth’s memory. He uses a Mermen experience Seth had apparently told him about in the past. This works and Seth finally regains his memories of Audrey, Nathan and the Troubles. They were just hidden by whatever it is trying to erase Haven. But, as soon as Seth suggests going back, Duke declares, “Haven is a cancer” and he’s not sure why he wanted Seth to remember now. Seth thinks HE knows. He suspects Duke wants closure and he has an idea of how to help.

Outside the school, Dwight informs Charlotte of Henry’s plan to trap Audrey in his mind forever. Fearing for Audrey’s life, Charlotte convinces Dwight to let her “go in” to rescue her daughter. Moments later, Charlotte does her best to seduce Henry, but he catches on and pulls her in, making her an unwilling participant in his and Audrey’s wedding.

Upon Seeing Audrey, Charlotte rushes to warn her, but is mentally intercepted by Henry and changes her tune, to a high pitched excited squeal! The two giddy girlfriends go bopping off to prepare, as Henry watches.

Inside, Henry is getting assistance with his tie from Charlotte. She seems to be resisting his spell and questions the sudden engagement. His attempt to distract her by showing her the wedding bands only jolts Charlotte’s memory of the rings Nathan and Audrey share. She covers her realization and Henry leaves her with a warning.

In the other room, Nathan is still working his magic on Audrey. Trying to break through her subconscious, by telling her that they’ve been through worse and that what she’s experiencing isn’t real, but THEY are real. We see a glimmer of awareness as Audrey gets a vision of Nathan and herself in another time and place.

Unfortunately, poor Grayson also realizes they are all being manipulated by Henry and demands they be put back. Henry bristles and kills Grayson, much to the horror of Audrey and Charlotte, who were hidden around the corner. As they run to another room, Charlotte regains her memory and quickly tries to explain everything to Audrey. Of course, Audrey is confused and resists, but after Charlotte calls her “Dove” and tells her of her “true Love” Nathan, Audrey has a flashback and seems to be getting closer to believing.

Sitting inside his van, Seth finds a website of a man who claims he can remove “the black tar of evil from your soul” AND it’s in North Carolina! This seems to peak Duke’s interest. So, Seth runs off to grab some snacks for their road trip, but loses his memory again, once he gets about 20 feet away. He comes back and tells Duke to back off, then quickly drives away, leaving a very confused Duke on the road.

On a bench overlooking the ocean, we find a sullen Audrey. Somehow, Nathan is getting thorough to her and just as suddenly a newspaper blows to her feet and she picks it up. On it, she sees an article regarding the car crash which changed Henry’s life and also a picture of Nathan. Memories of her time with Nathan pierce her subconscious and suddenly she knows who she is and who she belongs with. (The Naudrey theme and the way she says his name, “Nathan,” will forever give me chills.)

With Audrey now fully aware of what’s going on, she gently rebuffs Henry and gives him his rings back. He’s having a hard time holding onto the fantasy and she keeps pushing. “Destroy us all or save yourself.” Henry choses to send the others back and remain alone, which is sad, but what we hoped he would do. Audrey immediately wakes up and embraces Nathan, who’d been by her bedside the entire time. He says, “You’re back!” To which she replies, “Because you never let me go!” All other comatose patients wake up as well, including Charlotte, who shares a sweet kiss with Dwight.

Duke catches up with Seth and entices him (again) into taking him on a road trip to North Carolina. He tells him he’ll learn about mermen and rugaroos and a mysterious little town called Haven. He also says he will not be leaving Seth’s side and is his new “best friend,” as they drive off.

Audrey remembers her mother’s words while she was under. They share a sweet mother/daughter hug and it seems like they are now fully on the same team. Charlotte says they need to end the troubles once and for all, together, as Nathan and Dwight look on.


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