TV RECAP: Nathan Talks of Light and Hope During Dark Times in ‘Haven’

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This episode opens with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) surrounded by an angry mob of troubled citizens. Audrey (Emily Rose) and Dwight (Adam Copeland) do their best to calm Tony, Kira’s boyfriend and assure the others they will seek justice and the truth. Once in private, Nathan informs them that Kira is actually alive, but trapped by a large rock in a dark place full of aether. They all agree they cannot divulge her whereabouts, since it would just lead to a search party and the discovery of the aether.

Audrey suggests they put Nathan on trial, to buy him some time as well as give Dwight and Charlotte (Laura Mennell) the chance to go rescue Kira. So, Vince and Dave agree to moderate the trial, letting Tony act as prosecutor and having Nathan defend himself. They also suggest an Athenian style proceeding, which puts the fate of the accused into the hands of the public, by vote. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t accept the idea of merely banishing Nathan, he wants Nathan to die for supposedly repeatedly endangering the lives of others. Someone has given Tony a notebook detailing events Nathan was involved in, but painting them in the worst possible light. It seems someone wants Nathan dead.

Somewhere in Halifax, Duke is driving along with Hailie, when she demands he stop the car and show her how her trouble works. She insists he should help her since he caused it to manifest and she wants to use it to get the money to pay off the debt her dad owes. Reluctantly, Duke teaches her to control it, but looks alarmed and conflicted after she inadvertently injures herself, drawing blood.  He explains that troubles are not powers and that they led to her mother’s death.

While Nathan appears to be the only calm person at the school, Dwight and Charlotte walk (not run?) to rescue Kira. Along the way, they talk about Nathan’s good virtues and Charlotte tells Dwight that there may actually be hope for a cure after all.

At the school, Audrey tells a woman her husband has been killed by the darkness. The woman angrily states that Nathan should die for abandoning the power plant, causing her husband’s death. Not sure why Audrey didn’t explain that her husband was dead long before Nathan went on his mission. (I think I’d have started with that). At least Audrey managed to get the name and description of someone who might know something, named Faber.

Inside, Nathan, Vince and Dave are overheard by Tony, while discussing the information Tony has received on Nathan’s history. Nathan tells the older gentlemen that he wants to hear what Tony has to say and then goes on to tell Tony that he stands behind his actions. Tony vows to take Nathan down.

During their trek, Charlotte tells Dwight that killing all the troubled, was the only way she knew how to keep the creature, which feeds off of aether and troubles, in the void. She doesn’t know much about it, but says they don’t want to find out.

When we rejoin the gang at the school, Tony is telling everyone about all the things Nathan has supposedly done. Although most of them are semi-accurate, they have been twisted to imply Nathan was in league with Mara and wanted to harm the residents of Haven. As Nathan listens and drafts his response, a furious Audrey storms in to the room he’s in and threatens to “set fire to the school” or pull the alarms in order to stop the trial. Nathan, again, calmly tells her that they just need to bring Kira back and Audrey needs to continue trying to find a way to stop the darkness trouble. So, Audrey leaves and locates Faber in the basement, with a group of his henchmen, shoving bearded men into a dark closet to see if any survive. She uses sign language to talk to a man being held and he uses his soundwave trouble to help subdue the group, just as McHugh and his men (sent by Nathan as backup for Audrey) come in to help her.

We find Duke and Hailie outside a bank, which she plans to get the $31,000 from. Duke tries to talk her out of it, but fails to convince her. He agrees to go along with it as long as she promises not to use her trouble again, which she does. Famous last words?

Audrey wants to run with Nathan, while having Grayson use his trouble to distract the crowd. She says “I’ll do anything to save you!” To which Nathan responds, “You’re stealing my line.” Audrey doesn’t care that using Grayson’s trouble could set off a chain reaction, but Nathan does. He wants to defend his actions, meet them head on, like he says Audrey has done in the past. While she thinks it’s a noble gesture, she also knows public speaking isn’t his strong point.

As Dwight and Charlotte get to the shed where Kira is, the doors fly closed, trapping them inside (Poltergeist trouble). They also drop their bags down the hole, leaving them with one glow stick between them.  As things begin to look dire for the two of them (plus Kira), Charlotte says that Nathan’s optimism must have rubbed off on her.

Inside the school, as Nathan begins his inspirational speech, Audrey realizes it’s been Tony, with the darkness trouble all along. She tries to talk him into accepting it and stopping the encroaching darkness, but is having little luck. Fortunately, Nathan’s words of sincerity and hope are heard over the loudspeaker. Without knowing it, he ends up being the one to get through to Tony. The darkness is lifted, just in time to save them all.

Thankfully, Dwight, Charlotte and Kira are also saved in the process. They soon appear at the school, so we never find out the results of the vote on Nathan’s fate. Dwight with Charlotte and Nathan with Audrey, all have a few moments to reconnect, before the next mystery rears its ugly head.

Meanwhile, Duke watches as Kira materializes from within the bank, carrying a money bag. A police officer shows up and fires as Kira makes a run for it, hitting her in the arm and spattering blood on Duke. He disarms the officer and turns to a frightened Kira, telling her to run, which she does. He then looks like a man possessed as he takes off after her. She ends up trapping him in a shipping container, after he corners her inside it. Luckily he’d taught her how to use her trouble!

Audrey learns from Tony that he doesn’t know where the information on Nathan came from. He lost some time and the notebook just appeared next to him. So, we’re not really sure who has it in for Nathan. Audrey takes off to find Grayson, but discovers him in a trance-like state in an empty room. Before she can alert anyone, the “Sandman” comes up from behind and grasps her shoulder, putting her out as well. Now it’s time to save Audrey…again.


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