TV RECAP: ‘Orphan Black’ Season 3 Finale Brings New Twists

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In the season 3 finale of “Orphan Black” titled, “History Yet to Be Written,” Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Clone Club race to find answers, Alison gets good news regarding her campaign, Delphine (Evelyn Brochu) discovers new information and Helena has a reunion.

Rachel wakes up in the most decadent home ever to be displayed on television, but doesn’t know how she got there. She wheels over to a table where she finds a mirror. She tears off the bandage covering her left eye, revealing her newly implanted one and proceeds to get reacquainted with her eyesight.

Meanwhile, Art takes Sarah and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) to an abandoned warehouse where they can privately talk to the Original Clone, AKA Kendall Malone, Mrs. S’ mother who has both male (CASTOR) and female (LEDA) genes. However, they are unaware that Dr. Coady and Rudy (Ari Millen) are not too far behind them.

Alison continues on the campaign trail as the election near, but doesn’t know that she is being followed by Rudy. Meanwhile, Donnie (Kristian Bruun) does something sweet for Helena–he tracks down her trucker boyfriend, Jesse (Patrick J. Adams). Helena tells Jesse about all that she’s gone through since they last saw each other, and quickly gets turned on but their reunion comes to halt when Helena gets a phone call from Alison.

Helena waits in the Hendrix garage for Rudy to show up. They face-off and Helena stabs Rudy with a screwdriver several times. Before he dies, they reminisce about their childhoods, and Rudy tries to convince her that he was helping his mother sterilize women for a purpose, but Helena refuses to believe it. She caresses Rudy’s face until he takes his last breath.

While Helena and Jesse have a sweet reunion, the same cannot be said for Cosima and Shay (Ksenia Solo), who is less than thrilled about Delphine’s threats. Shay accuses Cosima of being the one keeping secrets in their relationship, but Cosima knows that she can’t reveal the truth, so she leaves. She goes to the warehouse to examine a hesitant Kendall, and explains her medical condition as a way to convince her to give them her blood samples. Knowing that her samples could provide Cosima, and any clone that gets sick, with a cure sways Kendall to go for it.

Delphine gets a visit from Ferdinand, who commends her for “eliminating” Rachel, and for aiding Sarah in finding the Original Clone. Ferdinand demands that Delphine get him access to the Original Clone, but she refuses play by his rules. Sarah shows up and strikes a deal with Ferdinand–she will give him access to the Kendall Malone, but she wants him to get rid of Castor.

Sarah and Felix then track down Gracie (Zoe de Grand’Maison) and Mark in a hotel room. She confronts Mark for leaving Castor, and he reveals he just wants to spend time with Gracie before he dies. She gets him to agree to join her side, and he and Gracie accompany her to the warehouse. Sarah punches Mark to get him to look like Rudy, and he calls Dr. Coady pretending to be his brother to coax her to come to the warehouse.

Delphine visits “Rachel” and quickly discovers that she is, in fact, Krystal. She finds out that Rachel is still alive and was sent to Austria, but doesn’t know where she ended up. She confronts Dr. Nealon about his betrayal and he reveals that Neolution has Rachel. He asks her to join Neolution, but she refuses. Nolan attacks her and almost chokes her to death while a worm slithers out of his mouth. Delphine shoots him in the nick of time, but he leaves her with haunting words–“You won’t live ’til morning.”

Meanwhile, Siobhan asks her mother to give Sarah answers about her lineage. Kendall explains that Dr. Duncan didn’t like the concept of Neolution, especially because it was corrupting his wife’s brain. Out of fear of exposure, Kendall placed Sarah in foster care and made she she ended up with Siobhan, so that she could indirectly keep an eye on her.

Delphine quickly calls Sarah to warn her about Ferdinand’s association with Neolutionism, and tells her that she can’t give him the genetic material from the Original Clone. She also reveals that Rachel is still alive, and that she was taken by Neolutionists. Ferdinand gets angry when he finds out, because he hates Neolution. He starts beating his associate who was taking Kendall’s blood samples because he believes he was a Neolutionist. This marks a new partnership between Sarah and Ferdinand, who will have to work together to overcome Neolution.

Later, Delphine visits Shay and begs for her understanding. She also tells her that she won’t bother her nor Cosima anymore. She gives Shay a DYAD business card with a number on it, and tells her to ask Cosima about the “truth.”

All of Clone Club + family reconvene at Bubbles to await the results of Alison’s school trustee election, and she quickly finds out that she won by a landslide. They celebrate with food and wine, and Sarah starts a speech trail; she toasts to Beth, Helena toasts to her “seestrahs”, and Alison thanks Clone Club for everything they have done for her.

Delphine asks Cosima to meet her outside of Bubbles and gives her a tearful kiss goodbye before heading back to DYAD. In the underground parking lot, Delphine notices that she’s being followed. When she turns around, she asks the unknown person, “What will happen to her?” but before she can get an answer, she is shot in the chest.

Back in Austria, Rachel is visited by the youngest clone, Charlotte, as well her mother, seemingly back from the dead. If two mother/daughter reunions in one episode weren’t enough, we finally get to see Sarah and Kira reunite in the snowy mountains.


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