TV RECAP: ‘Orphan Black’ Makes It All About the Family

June 1, 2015 | Posted By In Television, TV Recaps | 2471 Views


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This week’s episode of “Orphan Black,” titled “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” focuses on the family.

After narrowly escaping the base camp, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Helena have found refuge in a Mexican bar. Helena vows to get revenge on Siobhan just as she shows up at the bar. Siobhan explains why she gave Helena to Dr. Coady; in order to keep Sarah and Kira safe, but Helena refuses to forgive Mrs. S.

While Alison practices her campaign speech, while Donnie (Kristian Bruun) performs a monitor check up on her. They meet Alison’s mother, Connie at Bubbles’ in order to secure their drug business cover, but she is reluctant to sign away her family store.

While Cosima and Shay (Ksenia Solo) continue their love fest, they get a visit from Delphine (Evelyn Brochu), who is worried about Cosima’s deteriorating health.

Meanwhile, Siobhan questions Helena about her baby, and Helena finally gets to let out all of her aggression, but when Siobhan forces her into a hug, they are finally able to come to a truce.

While preparing for Alison’s speech at a local high school, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) gets a phone call from her mother, who claims to be having a heart attack. Alison is forced to go to Bubbles, leaving Felix in charge. Donnie and Jason (Justin Chatwin) meet with a drug dealer, but a mix up with envelops (one containing the drug money, the other containing Alison’s speech documents) lands Donnie in the drug dealer’s captivity until he gets his money.

Alison arrives at Bubbles and sees that her mother is fine, but starts to panic when her mother refuses to sell her the store. Meanwhile, Cosima arrives at the school to retrieve Alison’s pee so she can avoid giving Delphine her true results, but when she’s mistaken for Alison, she’s forced to pose as her clone sister during a photo-op.

Meanwhile, Alison reveals her and Donnie’s drug business to Felix, and enlists in his help in getting back the drug money envelop. Alison is forced to meet with one of the drug dealer’s associates instead of giving her speech, so once again, Cosima has to fill in for her. Once Alison gets the drug money to the associate, saving Donnie (and his nose), she watches Cosima deliver her speech from the sidelines. She finds a way on stage, and finally gives her speech the way she wanted to.

While taking a trip down memory lane with Alison’s mom, Jason is able to convince her to sell Bubbles to her daughter. He runs into Cosima and kisses her, thinking she is Alison. Cosima scurries off, leaving Jason confused.

Delphine and Scott meet with Rachel, and he shows her that he has his father’s book. When Delphine leaves, Scott gets Rachel to decode the symbols in the books, but she refuses to tell anyone but Sarah what they truly mean.

Alison refuses to give Cosima her urine because she wants Cosima to find out what is wrong with her. Connie tells her daughter that she will sell Bubbles to her, in hopes that one day she will “find the strength” to leave Donnie. Alison, angry over her mother’s comment, introduces her to Cosima, who was hiding in a bathroom stall. Alison informs her mother about the clones, but Connie refuses to believe it.

Cosima returns to Shay’s after a long day of impersonating Alison, and tells her about her health issues. When Cosima starts bleeding in the bathroom, panic ensues.


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