TV RECAP: Sarah Lands Herself in a Troubling Situation on ‘Orphan Black’

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Last week’s shocker left Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) watching as Gracie’s (Zoé de Grand’Maison) mother shot Mark (Ari Millen) in a field. Sarah grabs a loose gun and heads into the field, where she finds Mark wounded on the ground. As two of Bonnie’s men search for Mark, Sarah takes him to an abandoned home where she examines his wounds. Mark asks that Sarah remove the bullet from his leg, and she agrees, as long as he gives her some answers.

Meanwhile, Helena gets creative and lands herself in the infirmary, where she manages to roam free for long enough to watch as Virginia works on a patient, who happens to look a lot like her Castor clone brothers. Styles then finds Helena passed out on the ground and she is sent back to her cell, where she works on another inventive plan of escape.

Bonnie takes Gracie to a new home, where she discovers she’s having a miscarriage. When her mother finds out, she tells Gracie since she lost the baby, she is no longer welcomed with the Proletheans. Sarah

Donnie notices a suspicious car following him home and informs Alison. They decide to take all of their “soap supplies” to a storage unit to maintain secrecy. As they move their drugs from the house to the car, they see a man sitting in their backyard who claims that their drugs are stolen. The drug dealer, Jason (Justin Chatwin) who happens to be Alison’s ex-boyfriend from high school. Jason and Alison reconnect and he agrees to let her continue selling his drugs.

Sarah probes Mark about the Castor clones’ illnesses while she removes the bullet from his leg. Sarah sews up Mark’s wound, as they exchange stories about their upbringings, but when Mark passes out, Sarah takes the gun and calls for an ambulance before heading off. She looks through the motel room and finds the box of DNA samples that Mark left behind. She calls Cosima and informs her of Mark’s position with the military as well as Henrik Johanssen’s connection to the original clone samples.

Felix (Jordan Gavaris) finds Cosima wearing Delphine’s (Evelyn Brochu) sweater, so he decides to take her to a bar, where he tries to set her up on a hook-up app to get her mind off her ex.

Back at the hotel, Sarah is confronted by Mark. She reveals that Johanssen used the original DNA samples to make a clone with Bonnie. He takes Sarah to their first home where she are forced the dig up the remains of Henrik and Bonnie’s first child. As soon as Sarah finds the box, Rudy shows up and points a gun at her.

Meanwhile, Helena uses her teeth to carve out a key and manages to escape again, this time she goes back to the patient, named Parsons and sees that Virginia has been literally poking through his brain. Parsons begs Helena to put him out of his misery and when she does, Virginia bursts in and the guards grab Helena.

Sarah tries to negotiate with Rudy, but when he won’t cooperate, she hits him over the head with a shovel and escapes into the house. Rudy finds her, but before he can do anything, Mark steps in. They face off momentarily, but seemingly come to an agreement about not leaving any loose ends when it comes to Sarah.


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