TV RECAP: ‘Orphan Black’ Clones Discover New Information

May 3, 2015 | Posted By In Television, TV Recaps | 2049 Views


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Just like last week, this episode of “Orphan Black” starts with blood—this time, in the form of Seth’s dead body, which Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) are trying to dispose of. They’re interrupted by Art (Kevin Hanchard), who discovers Seth’s body in the bath tub. Art and Sarah track down Helena’s midwife, who informs them that Helena and Gracie (Zoé De Grand Maison) were impregnated by Henrik. Sarah and Art grow closer as he vows to help her find Helena.

Mark (Ari Millen), on edge since burning off his clone tattoo, sleeps with a gun in his hand and freaks out when he assumes Gracie’s gone missing. When she returns, she gets her new husband to confide in her, and Mark reveals that he was assigned to bring her father down. Before they can head into marital bliss, Mark has to find the original DNA samples. Gracie offers to help Mark track down the samples, as long as he helps her raise her baby. Gracie visits an old family friend, Willard, who has what she and Mark are looking for. After a few intimidating threats and a little white lie, Gracie gets a box but later, she and Mark find that it doesn’t contain the samples.

Alison and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) continue their campaign tour, and try to gather their town’s support by way of their new business. Allison’s opponent, Marcie, tries to get into her head but Alison stands up for herself and takes the lead in the votes.

Helena continues to be held captive in destination unknown, meanwhile, Rudy receives a slap from his mother, Virginia (Kyra Harper), for killing his brother. She and Paul (Dylan Bruce) discuss the “defect” and why it was necessary for Rudy to kill Seth. While Virginia is convinced Helena doesn’t have the defect, she needs to make sure all the clones are defect-free, and asks Paul to help get her more time to do so.

Art’s allegiance to Sarah is explained when he tells Sarah he was in love with Beth. She sends him back to work to avoid getting fired, and pursues the Castor clones on her own. At a restaurant, Sarah runs into Gracie, who is praying to keep Mark safe. After Sarah reveals that Mark is also a clone, Gracie returns to her hotel room and is visited by her mother.

Mark pays Willard a visit and tortures him until he reveals the location of the DNA samples. Meanwhile, Cosima reveals to Sarah that the Castor clones are actually their brothers, just as Sarah returns to Willard’s and finds him dead. She faces off with Mark, and tells him about the LEDA/CASTOR connection. Sarah then watches as Gracie’s mother shoots and kills Mark in the crop fields.

Another Castor clone bites the dust.


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