TV RECAP: ‘The Mindy Project’ Season Finale Delivers Drama

March 24, 2015 | Posted By In Television, TV Recaps | 1718 Views


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Tonight’s season finale of “The Mindy Project” sees the surprise return of Peter (Adam Pally) whose wedding to Lauren (Tracey Wigfield) is approaching and due to a bit of a bachelor party mess he’s in the market for a new best man. He wants Mindy (Mindy Kaling) for the job, much to Danny’s (Chris Messina) protests. Mindy’s parents are heading to India for a year, so there’s going to be a going away party and Mindy wants Danny to attend so they can officially meet. She gives him a long list of gifts to really impress the family, and he seems ready for the big night. However, when it comes, he backs out. His surgery appointment went longer than scheduled and he’s not keen on making the trip to Boston that night. Mindy is disappointed, but back in the office she comes clean to Peter that the reason it’d been so important Danny appear at the party was because her parents don’t know about him yet.

She goes to see the doctor Peter recommended who then informs her that she can’t be traveling until the baby’s been born. Seems Peter will need a new best man again. Danny takes her to a surprise baby shower with his mother and friends. Annette (Rhea Pearlman) is excited to tell Mindy that they managed to get her parents’ contact information from her brother and begins calling them on Skype right there. Eager for a distraction to stop this, she takes the opportunity when Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) barges in. Having overheard a very out of context portion of Mindy and Peter’s conversation earlier, he has it in his head that Danny is not the father of Mindy’s baby. So naturally, he’s gathered all of Mindy’s previous boyfriends to find out which one it is.

The incident is enough to prompt Mindy to tell him the truth. In turn, Danny reveals his truth that the reason he didn’t want to meet her parents was because he worried they would ask about marriage and he isn’t sure he wants that. This is a shock to Mindy, who very much does want that for her future. She tells him it’s not fair that she shouldn’t get that part of life just because he isn’t sure he wants it. Danny has a conversation with his mother later, who informs him that marriage isn’t inherently going to fail, it was that they picked the wrong people the first go round. This seems to make him think, and he decides to take drastic measures.

When the others leave for Texas and the wedding, Danny goes in another direction entirely. He arrives in India having shaved on the plane, and heads to the Lahiris’ doorstep. “Hi, I’m Danny Castellano and I am in love with your daughter.” While the series has yet to be officially renewed, fans are hopeful that we will be seeing what happens next (and how ridiculously cute Mindy and Danny’s baby will be).


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