TV RECAP: ‘The Mindy Project’ Gets Healthy

February 24, 2015 | Posted By In Television, TV Recaps | 1478 Views


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On tonight’s “The Mindy Project”, Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is dealing with heavy amounts of uncontrollable morning sickness. In addition to this, Danny (Chris Messina) is concerned about Mindy’s unhealthy eating habits. Meanwhile, between Mindy’s new clinic and Peter (Adam Pally) leaving, the practice is looking to hire another doctor. Mindy runs into her old and crush professor Dr. Phillips (Vanessa Williams). Despite being retired, she admits to being a bit bored, so naturally Mindy decides she should take the open position at Shulman & Associates.

Mindy and Danny check in with Peter in Texas, his still being her doctor. He informs them that Mindy qualifies as a certain special category of pregnancy, this is “geriatric obese pregnancy”. Due to this, he officially leaves Mindy’s health and diet in Danny’s willing hands. Mindy, Danny and Jeremy (Ed Weeks) have a meeting with Dr. Phillips to tell her what’s in store for her as part of the practice. Mindy’s willpower following her new diet is put to the test when Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) brings in a cake (her favorite kind, gigantic) for her birthday. She fails the test spectacularly, upon receiving word that Dr. Phillips has decided not to join the practice.

When Danny sees this and expresses his disappointment, Mindy begins coming around to the idea of committing to her health for the baby. However, it seems she’s not the only one who’s broken a health rule lately, as she catches Danny smoking. With the truth out, he agrees to a deal: if he can quit his biggest vice of smoking, she will follow his healthy diet plan. He really commits and manages to kick the habit for two weeks, at which point he promptly demands she follow his health restrictions. When Mindy’s morning sickness finds a new home on Dr. Bergdahl’s (Dan Bakkedahl) windbreaker, he proves his expertise, deciding her diet isn’t the culprit but rather her stress. As a result, they decide to offer him the opening at the practice.

Danny realizes he’s been extra hard on her because he’s concerned and doesn’t want the possibility of raising their child without her. She admits that she was on edge about his smoking for the same reason and they share a sweet moment for the remaining seconds before her next wave of nausea hits.


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