TV RECAP: Deadly Developments Take Shape on “Agent Carter”

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So yeah… this penultimate episode gave me crazy anxiety and for more than half the episode I was just cursing the dudes from the SSR for continuing to believe that Peggy (Hayley Atwell) was evil and working for the enemy. Of course, Peggy was able to SHUT THEM DOWN in this episode when they finally come to their senses, but it was still ultra frustrating because how could anyone think anything less of her??? IDK.

Anyway, this week’s episode sees Peggy interrogated by Agents Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), Thompson a.k.a. CMM (Chad Michael Murray), and Dooley (Shea Whigham). They each attempt to take their own approach to getting some answers out of her, but obviously they all fail because SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH. I suppose they can’t be blamed for not trusting her as they know close to nothing about Leviathan–they don’t even realize that the psychologist they saved in Russia is actually AN EVIL MASTERMIND with the ability to control your mind and actions. I must say that I think I was the most disappointed with Sousa. I mean, I’m not surprised at Dooley or CMM; the latter may be more understanding due to past ~moments they shared while overseas, but they’ve always been tough on her. Sousa? *Harry Potter voice* HE WAS HER FRIEND! C’MON, you obviously don’t know her that well if you really think she’s the bad girl.

Speaking of bad girls, Dottie (Bridget Regan) continues to roam freely around the city, purchasing newborn baby items for unknown reasons. Nothing to be worried about there…

With Peggy trapped in the SSR HQ, Jarvis (James D’Arcy) comes to the rescue with a signed confession from Howard Stark…except it’s a fake because along with cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring skills, Jarvis is also an excellent forger. All seems well until Peggy decides to reveal that the confession isn’t real and Stark has actually been unreachable. She ends up actually confessing everything that went down and her involvement with the retrieval of Stark’s inventions. Eventually, they believe her. Unfortunately, it’s a liiiiiittle too late because Dr. Evil Russian Psychologist has used his mind control powers on Agent Dooley. Dr. E-R-P escapes with Item 17 of Stark’s inventions, and Dottie pulls a Jarvis and picks her accomplice up for a quick getaway.

Included in this episode are also the following: Jarvis charming the “phone operator ladies” with a ridiculous, but adorable smile; Peggy and Jarvis working together to knock down a mirror while handcuffed to the table, Peggy’s epic speech about how she was able to get away with her secret missions because she’s invisible to everyone, Dooley’s sacrifice via running into the window while wearing an explosive vest (R.I.P. Agent Dooley, you were kind of annoying, but still… You were just trying to do your job.), Dottie escaping down a stairwell using some hardcore stair/wall kicks/narrow-spaced Parkour; a bunch of civilians going absolutely BATSH*T VIOLENT IN THE MOVIE THEATRE.

Ah yes, so what IS Item 17, you ask? Ummm, well it’s not exactly clear. At first it seems to be some sort of poisonous gas, but then the people in the theatre its released in don’t choke to death. Instead, it sets off some sort of trigger that turns everyone into bloodthirsty District 2 tributes and the theatre into a Hunger Games arena. An usher opens the door to reveal everyone has been massacred… BY EACH OTHER. No victor here, but let’s just hope that Peggy and the team can win the final round. And I say the final round because there is only ONE EPISODE LEFT!

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