Up and Comers Presents: 15 New Midseason TV Shows to Be Excited For

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Another year, another chance to discover your next TV obsession. From prequels to spinoffs to hip hop soap operas and comic book adaptations, the new shows on offer during the 2015 midseason run deep.

To help you sift through the plethora of new shows to check out, we’ve curated the 15 shows we are most excited to see in the first quarter of the year. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below!


Agent Carter

Network: ABC

Airdate: January 6

This 7 week miniseries is just full of Hayley Atwell showing what she and Pegy Carter are capable of. The time period allows for a freedom from the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still feeling like an untold story. Captain America may have fallen into the ice, but the world still went on. The series features James D’Arcy, the criminally underrated Enver Gjokaj and the return of Chad Michael Murray. The cool time period, mystery and action make this one to watch.



Network: FOX

Airdate: January 7

Hip Hop may be the thing that saves FOX. Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson lead the cast of the Lee Daniels drama about Empire Entertainment. Howard’s Lucious Lyon runs the company, but all is not well with the media mogul. While he tries to see whether any of his sons are ready to take up the mantle his ex-wife Cookie (Henson) gets out of prison and wants what’s hers. Let’s just say things are about to get real!



Network: HBO

Airdate: January 11

The Duplass Brothers are at it again! This time they are headed to HBO for “Togetherness,” which they created alongside Steve Zissis. Brett (Mark Duplass) and Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) are the married couple at the center of this comedy. Basically they aren’t feeling their marriage very much and in typical television fashion they do something strange instead of dealing with their problems. They decide to have Brett’s best friend Alex, the unemployed actors, and Michelle’s sister Tina, played by Zissis and Amanad Peet respectively, move into their house. Hilarity ensues.


Man Seeking Woman

Network: FXX

Airdate: January 14

Jay Baruchel and Simon Rich are bringing the painful reality of dating to television. I mean with that alone I’m in. The series is based on Rich’s collection of short stories “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.” The series follows Josh Greenberg (Baruchel) on his search for love. Eric André, Britt Lower and Maya Erskine also star.


Better Call Saul

Network: AMC

Airdate: February 8

The long awaited “Breaking Bad” spin off is finally coming! Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are teaming up to bring one to fans of the original series. Bob Odenkirk is returning as Saul Goodman, his beloved character from “Breaking Bad”, small-time lawyer. The series will begin years from his character showed up on the critically acclaimed original series, but will also feature events during and after it.


Fresh Off The Boat

Network: ABC

Airdate: February 4

ABC is continuing its trend of comedies featuring families of color. 2014 brought “Black-ish” and “Cristela” into our lives and ABC is following that up with “Fresh Off The Boat.” The series follows a Taiwanese family that moves from DC to Orlando where they plan to open a steak restaurant.The Huang family spans the spectrum from embracing the culture in their new city to full on culture clash. Randall Park, Constance Wu and Hudson Yang are some of the actors filling out the cast.


The Odd Couple

Network: CBS

Airdate: February 19

Matthew Perry is giving network comedy ANOTHER try, but this time is bringing back a formula with a proven track record. Perry and Thomas Lennon are CBS’ Odd Couple, playing Oscar and Felix respectively. These two college friends could not be different, but 25 years after sharing a dorm room they are back under the same roof. The rest of the series regulars are Lindsay Sloane, Wendell Pierce and Yvette Nicole Brown. I mean this seems like quite the slam dunk.


Battle Creek

Network: CBS

Airdate: March 1

The man who brought us “Breaking Bad” had found his way to network television. Vince Gilligan has teamed up with David Shore for the upcoming crime drama. Set in Battle Creek, Michigan the series centers on a detective and FBI agent, played by Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel respectively, who can’t get their partnership to work. The question is will the two be able to get it together in order to get their job done. Janet McTeer and Kal Penn also star.


American Crime

Network: ABC

Airdate: March 5

Felicity Huffman is returning to the network where she spent 8 years as a Desperate Housewife. She will start alongside Timothy Hutton in John Ridley’s racially charged drama “American Crime.” When Huffman and Hutton’s son is murdered they must be their issues and failed married behind them to find out what happened to their son. The investigation and trial will impact an entire community as it delves into the race, class and gender problems present within it. The impressive cast includes Benito Martinez, Lili Taylor and Regina King.

Dig - Season 1


Network: USA

Airdate: March 5

USA is delving into the past for its newest original program. The network’s upcoming miniseries “Dig” follows a crime that leads into a conspiracy thousands of years in the making. Jason Issacs stars as Peter Connelly, an FBI agent working in Jerusalem that works the murder case and finds himself trying to solve the mystery he cannot understand. Anne Heche also star as Peter’s boss and lover Lynn Monahan. History, conspiracies and murder…what else can you ask for?


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Network: Netflix

Airdate: March 6

NBC’s loss is really Netflix’s gain.This comedy has a LOT going for it. First there are the genius minds behind the series, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. There’s an all star comedy cast led by Ellie Kemper and we can’t forget about the very talented Jane Krakowski. Most importantly is the hysterical premise. Kemper is playing Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who starts her life over in New York after leaving a doomsday cult. Honestly you add the freedom of Netflix with the mind of Tina Fey, you should expect great things.



Network: Netflix

Airdate: March 20

Attention everyone: Coach Taylor is coming back to television! More importantly, he is not alone. Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Chloe Sevigny and Steven Pasquale are among the actors joining Kyle Chandler in the series. The upcoming series is being brought to Netflix by the minds behind “Damages,” Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelmen, have partnered with Glenn Kessler to create the drama. All we know about the plot the close-knit family at the center has a lot of secrets. When the black sheep of the family comes to town his three adult siblings better get ready to come clean about it all.  Based on the pedigree of the talent in front and behind the camera is enough to clear my calendar for a binge watch.



Network: Netflix

Airdate: April 10

The first of four Marvel television series will be available come April. Netflix has been the place for great original programming for some time, but this series is the start of something big. Finally Charlie Cox’s talent is being put front and center as the blind superhero who plays lawyer by day. Along for the ride are actors Deborah Ann Woll, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio. Drew Goddard is an excellent chocie for this series after a career full of cult hits and successful genre films. This is gonna be great!



Network: NBC

Airdate: April 5

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are picking up where “The Bible” left off. “A.D.” explores the effect of Christ’s crucifixion has on the community and those that follow him. In the face of aggression from the political and religious leaders his disciple will keep their faith. The series tells a tale of sacrifice and resurrection in what is sure to be an inspiring manner.



Network: NBC

Airdate: TBA

John McNamara is the man bringing the story of Charles Manson to the small screen. When Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny), a police officer teams up with undercover cop Brian Shafe (Grey Damon) they have no idea what they are getting into. Shafe may be dealing with hippie, but soon enough he and Hodiak will find themselves up against Charles Mason (Gethin Anthony) himself. The draw for this event series is all about the cast. The men who played Hank Moody and Renly Baratheon going head to head is going to be something to see. When you take the impressive young cast including Damon, Emma Dumont, Claire Holt, Gaius Charles and Chris Sheffield this NBC series had formed quite the cast.


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