Up and Comers Presents: Our Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

December 30, 2014 | Posted By and In Features, Television | 8245 Views


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We counted down our Top 10 Movies of 2014, and now we are taking a look over the TV shows that moved us, made us laugh and cry and think this year. Again, there’s a lot of variety on the small screen, and only a couple shows – “The 100” and “Hannibal” – managed to make both lists. But that just means there’s just too much good stuff out there to choose from, which is good for everyone. Check out our final Top 10s below, and let us know your list in the comments!

Click Here for Linda’s Top 10 | Click Here for Alamin’s Top 10


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Alamin is a recent college grad based in New York City. He loves television, film and anything that makes him laugh. Likes almost everything else. His favorite law firm is Florrick Agos and he would love to join the Cul De Sac crew. You can also find his thoughts on Twitter @alamoh_.