TV: Emily Rose Arrives in ‘Graceland’ in New Episode Stills

July 11, 2014 | Posted By In Television, TV Images | 3524 Views

Graceland - Season 2

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A love triangle is brewing on “Graceland.” Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) two lives are about to come to a head as his DC girlfriend Jessica (Emily Rose) arrives in Southern California after taking over control of his operation in this week’s episode, titled “H-A-Double P-Y.” The two look pretty happy together in new stills released from the episode, but this is probably before she learns what he’s been up to with Paige (Serinda Swan) in her absence. Uh oh.

But the “Graceland” team have plenty of bigger issues to deal with, not the least of which is the op that Jessica is in town to oversee. The drug (or maybe human) smuggling ring run via bus lines has turned up no evidence so far, but that’s probably all about to change as well. By next week, in an episode titled “The Unlucky One,” they are in deeper than ever.

Check out the new stills from the next two “Graceland” episodes below. The shows airs every Wednesday night at 10pm on USA.

“H-A-Double P-Y”: A surprise visitor to Graceland upends the power dynamics and puts Mike in a precarious position. Tuturro risks his undercover with Carlito to help Lucia, but he makes a desperate move to earn it back.

“The Unlucky One”: The Solano case is in shambles; Paige is deep undercover within a sex trafficking ring; Mike and Briggs need to take extreme measures.


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