TV REVIEW: ‘Under the Dome’ Promises More Mysteries in Season Two

June 29, 2014 | Posted By In Television, TV Reviews | 4863 Views


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The first season of “Under the Dome,” based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, focused on the (literal) landing of a dome in the small town of Chester’s Mill. The dome not only sealed the town off from the rest of the world, it also brought out the good, bad and downright ugly from the townspeople. Season 1 was a success; as the ever-present mystery of the dome’s powers and the identity of the monarch kept viewers on edge, and the fantastic acting from the likes of Britt Robertson, Rachel Lefevre, Alexander Koch and more made for an enjoyable introduction to the universe.

We pick up in the season two premiere, appropriately titled “Heads Will Roll,” where we left off in the season one finale — Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) life in the hands of Junior (Koch) and Big Jim (Dean Norris), and Julia (Lefevre) fighting to get to them before it’s too late. Meanwhile, something strange happens to the dome. Though knowledge of the dome’s powers in the town is scarce, the dome sends a clear message that something is wrong as metal objects start hurling toward the dome and cling to it. To make matters worse, every time the dome “pulses” numerous people fall unconscious.

Angie (Robertson<) and Junior are both convinced that the dome is trying to tell them something via becoming magnetized and destroying their town, and come to the conclusion that they should have killed Big Jim when the dome told them to, and now they are suffering the consequences of defying orders. Meanwhile, Julia saves a mysterious young girl from drowning and meets Sam Verdreaux (Eddie Cahill) in the process. We later find out that Sam’s connections to certain people in Chester’s Mill might be something to look out for this season. As Barbie rallies the townspeople to try to counteract the dome’s magnet, Big Jim is left with the decision to continue wreaking havoc as ruler of Chester’s Mill or make the ultimate sacrifice to save his son’s life and put the town back in order.

In the premiere episode, not only do we get answers to several questions viewers were left with in the season 1 finale, plenty of new ones pop up in return: Who is the mysterious young girl? Why exactly would the people of Chester’s Mill not want Sam to show his face? What other mysterious powers does the dome hold? Those questions, and many more along with the longing to know about the ominous dome and where it came from will bring viewers back to watch season 2, while the mysteries unfolding and quirky new characters should keep fans watching all season long.

“Under the Dome” season 2 premieres on Monday, June 30th at 10pm on CBS.


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