TV RECAP: More Theories Introduced in the Season Finale of ‘The 100’

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the100 1x13

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Last week, against Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) opinion, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) decided that “The 100” needed to move away from camp and avoid war with the Grounders. We pick up with Clarke fixing Raven (Lindsey Morgan) up as much as possible – though the bullet is still in her temporarily – so they can get moving ASAP. Only problem? Grounder scouts. Or maybe just one with incredible aim, but just in case, they head back to camp, figuring it’s too late. So now they’re stuck at camp like sitting ducks, waiting for the rest of the Grounders to show up so they can (hopefully) fight them off.

Strategy sesh time in the ship. Clarke, Bellamy, Finn (Thomas McDonell), and Raven make a very impressive battle diorama and point out where the mines are, hoping they’ll get rid of most of the Grounders that way since good old Murphy (Richard Harmon) used up the last of the gun powder to make his escape. Clarke remembers Raven mentioning the fuel underneath the ship and comes up with the smart plan to lure the Grounders to the ship while everyone else is safe inside, and blast off: “Barbeque Grounders.” You know it’s good when Bellamy likes the idea.

Another sort of strategy session is happening back on the Ark: getting the ship to the ground. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) explains, once again, that they probably won’t all survive, based on some statistics and science. As everyone is all comfy and ready to go, Sinclair (Alessandro Juliani) pushes the button to launch…and nothing happens. Someone has to go back to the control room and launch it manually. Only, that person is left behind on the dying ship. Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) decides to take one for the team but takes so long deliberating that Jaha has already gone and pressed the button and the Ark separates.

The part of the Ark with all the important people (we’re all thinking it) lands safely and Abby (Paige Turco) comes into contact with Jaha, telling him how beautiful Earth is. They go in search of the other sections to see if any of them made it. Jaha is now alone on the empty leftovers of the ship, finally drinking his 97 year old scotch, probably until he dies.

As Clarke and Finn search the underbelly of the ship for the wires Raven sent them for, she calls out that she can’t feel her leg. Turns out the bullet is in her spine and she’s bleeding internally. Finn decides to go to Lincoln’s cave for meds to slow it down because they need her. As it turns out, Clarke is really not cut out to doing any electrical work so she calls on Jasper (Devon Bostick) for help who splices the wires that will…do something. I’m not a scientist, I just watch CW shows.

Finn gets to the cave and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is there, having made it, barely, away from the Reapers. We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Lincoln will be back next season. Finn comes up with the brilliant idea (everyone was just so full of great ideas this episode, makin’ me all proud) to lead the Reapers to camp in the hope that they’ll attack the Grounders.

Meanwhile, outside, the Grounders are zeroing in on camp but making no real moves. The smart motherbuggers have Murphy, his plans, and his walkie-talkie and are following along on the 100’s plans as they go. Just as they’re about to attack, fragments from the Ark falling distract them for a sec. Finn and Lincoln show up having successfully led the Reapers to run interference and in no time the Reapers and Grounders are running at each other. This doesn’t last long and the Grounders start to attack the wall. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who may very well be the samurai she thinks she is, saves Bellamy from an attack, only to get an arrow stuck in her side. Lincoln shows up then, naturally, and takes her away after Bellamy gives them his blessing. Petition for hot Lincoln/Octavia make out sessions in every episode next season!

The battle carries into the camp and Clarke tries to get everyone inside the ship so they can launch the rockets. Finn goes to help Bellamy and they’re both caught in fights with Grounders; Clarke has no choice but to leave them and close the door of the ship. Anya manages to slip her way in before the door is closed so now she is stuck inside, the only Grounder amongst the rest of the 100. Awesome plan, girl!

Whatever science Jasper pulled works and the Grounders crawling all over the ship like ants go kaboom. The 100 leave the ship and, just when they think it’s over, and just as Clarke is thinking she killed Finn and Bellamy, people in masks throw down red smoke on the camp and everyone goes down. The mysterious Mountain Men, ladies and gents. Clarke wakes up in a white medical room, sees Monty (Christopher Larkin) in the room across from her and a plaque next to that with the words “MOUNT WEATHER” on it.

THEORIES BE HAPPENIN’. See you for season two!


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