‘Godzilla’ Sequel in the Works after $93 Million Opening Weekend

May 18, 2014 | Posted By In General News | 1571 Views


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“Godzilla” is still the King of Monsters. In the least surprising news of the week, Deadline reports a sequel is already in the works. The film opened this weekend to $93 million so it would have been bigger news if Warner Bros and Legendary decided not to move forward on a sequel.

Gareth Edwards made a giant leap from his breakout micro-budget alien invasion thriller “Monsters” to taking on the most famous movie monster of all time, but by all accounts did it very successfully, with the film earning $20 million more than it was tracking. This first installment in what is now a new franchise saw Godzilla coming to humanity’s aid when two MUTOs wreak havoc across various cities in their quest to ingest radioactive matter.

Caught in the middle are a family made up of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, while two scientists – Ken Watannabe and Sally Hawkins – have been tracking the activity for years. It’s unclear who, if any, of the original cast will return for the sequel. It’s definitely the kind of film that could tell a new story with a brand new group of characters.


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