TV RECAP: Things Get Torturous as ‘The 100’ Brave Another Storm

May 1, 2014 | Posted By In Television, TV Recaps | 1469 Views

Contents Under Pressure

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In this week’s episode of “The 100,” aptly titled “Contents Under Pressure,” the teens are put through the wringer. Finn (Thomas McDonell) is in critical condition, – the knife is still through his chest! – from the rescue mission to save Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) from the Grounder, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is a bit out of her element with this one, as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) attempts to make contact with the Ark for assistance. The radio frequency is weak as the hurricane picks up outside and everyone is camped out inside the ship. Adding to the stress, Bellamy (Bob Morley) comes back to the ship carrying the Grounder who helped Octavia. He strings their guest up for questioning – with a side of torture.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Abby (Paige Turco) is in trouble. The Council lists her crimes since sending the 100 to the ground. They agree that they won’t float her, only because her medical assistance is required, but her status as council member is revoked. Raven gets through to the ship just then and everyone sees that Abby was right all along.

Abby talks Clarke through the complicated procedure of taking the knife out of Finn’s ribs. A gust of wind from the hurricane hits, but Clarke manages to get the knife out and stitch him up. With one crisis averted, Clarke leaves to deal with the problem that is currently happening upstairs.

Bellamy and his fellow guards go through the Grounder’s few possessions and find some vials full of things they don’t know and a book filled with drawings (including one of Octavia. Someone’s got a crush!), and tally marks. It seems the Grounder has been watching them since they landed, and has been keeping record of the ones dying. The Grounder isn’t saying a word and Clarke tries to explain to Bellamy that keeping the Grounder locked up is not a smart, long-term plan. It’s only a matter of time before the others come looking for him. Bellamy remains hardheaded as always and doesn’t listen.

And Clarke’s work is never done. Raven yells up to her that Finn is seizing. Clarke realizes that all of Finn’s symptoms are the result of poisoning – from the blade of the Grounder. She marches back up to question him and Octavia remembers the vials and that there has to be an antidote in there somewhere.

Clarke desperately allows Bellamy to torture him for the antidote to save Finn, but it gets them nowhere. Raven The Mechanic comes up with the idea of using wires for torture, but the Grounder seems content to let Finn die. Finally, Octavia has enough of this and cuts herself in front of the Grounder (“he won’t let me die”) and pleads with him to show her which vial is the antidote. Her tactic works as he nods to the right one. She gives everyone a disapproving (Read: scary) look as she leaves, letting them know just how disappointed she is in all of them.

Finn’s given the antidote and the radio signal returns as the storm is passing. Clarke and Abby have a moment alone over the radio and Clarke reveals that she knows it was her mother who revealed her father’s knowledge, not Wells. Abby tries to explain but Clarke is not having it. Out of frustration, and probably heavily due to the particularly stressful day on the ground, Clarke cuts out the radio. Here’s hoping that what she did wasn’t permanent! She makes her way back to Finn. He’s awake and talking and flirting and we all rejoice. Clarke decides that Raven needs him more and throws the two together as we all scream “But he wants you, Clarke!”

Clarke tries to clean the wounds of the Grounder; only he’s not quite responsive to her help. After giving her a speech on right and wrong (who knew Octavia would be the moral one of the group?), Octavia takes over, as he allows her because the dude is infatuated, and they share a tender moment. He utters a “thank you,” and Octavia covers for him when one of Bellamy’s guards asks if he said something. Could the two of them be a bridge in uniting the 100 and the Grounders?

After the storm as the camp is rebuilding and things attempt to get back to normal for the 100, Bellamy and Clarke have another semi-bonding moment over their often divergent leadership roles. “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things,” he tells her. After her own culpability for the events that transpired in this episode, it looks like she may have finally realized this as well.

While all this is happening, on the Ark Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) receives a visit from his predecessor, Diana (guest star Kate Vernon). There seems to be some upheaval with “her people,” the workers, since the Chancellor allowed three hundred and twenty people to die to save the oxygen levels of the Ark. Needlessly, now, since it seems most of the 100 are alive and that Earth is, in fact, survivable (Again: Abby was right all along. We should always just listen to Abby). In order to quell the hostility on the ship, Chancellor Jaha appoints Diana as the new counselor member to take Abby’s vacated spot. The Council gets right down to business and talk about Project Exodus: getting the people of the Ark to the ground, which presents a slight hiccup: There are only enough pods to transfer seven hundred of the two thousand people aboard the ship. Yikes! That seems like it could be an issue.


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