TV: Adam Driver Still in ‘Girls’ Season 4 Despite ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Casting

April 29, 2014 | Posted By In TV Casting | 1469 Views


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Don’t worry, “Girls” fans. Adam Sackler is not going anywhere despite his off-screen portrayer Adam Driver landing a huge role in “Star Wars: Episode VII” this morning, and despite the fact that the two productions are filming at the same time – as in, right now. HBO tells Buzzfeed that Driver “is still a part of this show.”

This is really not a surprise, especially since Driver had already been pictured filming scenes with Lena Dunham just a couple of weeks ago for the show’s 4th season. It could stand to reason Adam’s role has been reduced, especially since we know Hannah will be spending at least some time in Iowa at grad school, but going by the picture, it looks like our favorite dysfunction-turned-root-for couple is back on track in the new season.


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