‘Justice League’ Movie Confirmed; Zack Snyder to Direct

April 28, 2014 | Posted By In Featured, General News | 2895 Views


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It’s been common knowledge for months, but Warner Bros have made it official and announced that a “Justice League” movie is in development, and will likely immediately follow “Batman vs Superman,” the still untitled sequel to “Man of Steel” that will see Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent welcome some familiar faces.

Ben Affleck has been cast to play Bruce Wayne/Batman and he should have a significant role in the now-filming “Batman Vs Superman,” while Gal Gadot will play Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, who is rumored to have a smaller role, and Ray Fisher is the newest to join the potential Justice League, playing Cyborg. Zack Snyder is currently directing the film, and WB have announced that he will continue to shepherd the DC universe on the big screen, and will direct “Justice League” as well.

There’s no official timeline just yet, but rumors have been circulating that Snyder will shoot the two films basically back to back, with “Justice League” following “Batman Vs Superman”‘s 2016 release just one year later in 2017. And as for the rest of the Justice League aside from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, I’m betting we’ll be hearing names soon and they just might all make at least a cursory, introductory appearance in this next DC film.


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