Zachary Quinto Joining Rupert Friend in “Hitman” Sequel “Agent 47”

January 31, 2014 | Posted By In Casting | 975 Views


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zachary-quinto “Star Trek” star Zachary Quinto has joined the cast of “Hitman” sequel “Agent 47,” according to Deadline. “Homeland” star Rupert Friend replaced Paul Walker in the lead role earlier this month after the “Fast & Furious” actor’s death in November.

“Agent 47” is a sequel to the 2007 actioner “Hitman,” which starred Timothy Olyphant in the lead role. Now, Friend will play the titular assassin, who was orphaned and then raised by an organization of assassins for hire. In a now familiar “Bourne Identity” twist, he eventually finds himself dodging his own employers’ wrath as well as danger from outside forces. Agent 47 is characterized by a bald head, red tie and black gloves. No word on who Quinto will play. Aleksander Bach will be directing the sequel from a script by Skip Woods and Michael Finch.

Quinto has played Spock in both JJ Abrams’ “Stark Trek” and last year’s “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and will most likely reprise the role for “Star Trek 3” as well. He produced as well as starred in surprise indie hit “Margin Call,” and is currently on stage in New York in “The Glass Menagerie.”


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